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Alright so the last part of this story was way back in February. You know what I've done to put this away. Now it's back. Hope I did justice for the creator of the park, Dr. Andrew Malcolm, not that good at translating personalities from one author to another.

So now we know what Phil does to calm himself down. That event must've been traumatizing. And the girls know about TGs. This could only get worse.

This is a fanfiction of *MaLAgua's Genetic Park series.

As always, comments are appreciated.


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Heh, not bad.

Breath in... Breath out ...Inhale .. Exhale.. *hears someone rip a loud one* Oh no, don't breath. Don't breath...*sniffs*... Damn it! *falls unconscious from the putrid fumes* Hahahahaha! (Don't ask, just bored! ;P)