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The last several years have been home to a monumental explosion of web services geared toward artwork.  Because of that, my art has fractured among them all (or most of them anyway).  Even my own collection doesn't include a cohesive gathering of all my work.  It's spread across multiple computers and hard drives.  (That's just the digital stuff.  The physical, rightfully so, is in various places.)  I don't like this fact.  I'd like to have a place where I can go and say, "this is what I've done."  I kind of hope that DA can become that place since it was the first online service I used to get into my art.  

I've never been particularly good at following through on blanket plans when it comes to my hobbies.  Work and friends usually take precedence.  However, this is something I've been thinking about for a couple years now.  I've put enough thought into it that I think I can make something solid.  

So, until we meet again.... stay creative.
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