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Eclipso Episode 30

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Friday, May 30, 2008

"See what happens after the group has returned home.

I thought I'd never see the day when I finished two full length series that are both 30 episodes or longer...But I did, and to me that's an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Finishing Eclipso was bittersweet, as I thought it was a great series with a top notch story, and it will probably remain my favorite series for a long time."
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What a great Final Episode :3
Love it wow i finished both Hero returns and Eclipso from start to finish in 24 hours. Im definately hooked.
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I remember watching this series years ago. I honestly can't explain what it is that drew me in about it.. The animation is dated, at this point, but for some reason, I still can't help but sit and smile while watching it. The series randomly popped into my head yesterday afternoon and I spent all morning today trying to find the series.(Not an easy task, when wading through a few hundred flash submissions on Newgrounds, especially when the only part of the title I could remember was "Zelda".)

But, as an old fan revisiting the series, gotta say, nicely done. Dunno if you even check this account anymore, let alone the comments for your episodes, but just wanted to give my compliments to you, for this old series. Well done.

TempusPraegnansNovae's avatar
Aw. This was EPIC, bro. E PPPPPPPP IIIII CCCCCCCCCCC!!!!!!!!!!!!

-I'm in love.- CAn yo ushow me how you did your flash?