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Hey the few people how fallow tge art i post here, i started a webcomic last month check it out at basicly its a about girl trying to find out the reason behind her boyfriend leaving, and where he went but also witches vampires and werewolves!....its called Hold Me Down.
embedded_item1442714087437 by coolmonkeyd
Commission-sheet by coolmonkeyd
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I stopped going to school for this year to work on 12 gauge and see if i could learn on my own . I'm not sure if I can.... ive gotten a better for sure ,but not as much as I want and its more like things i could do I can do better now. I've met so meny great artist and I'd say 50% say school helped them as artist ....I'm starting to think it may help me too because i know i have the determination but I'm not sure exactly how to start learning stuff and it all seems overwhelming like there are so many ways to go but which is the right one for me? so well school help? did it help you ? I'm going to be asking alot of people that question ?
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Hey those who actually read my journal entry!! My  comic 12 gauge is out and id love to know what people thing ....the writer like to discirb it as a cross between FLCL and the BOONDOCKS.  so please check it out here's a…

12 Gauge stereo cover by coolmonkeyd Guts by coolmonkeyd
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Okay 50 watchers and passer by thanx alot Im super happy with the increased traffic and as a gift to 12 Gauge Stereo is coming out july 21st and im soo exicted. I really hope you guys in enjoy the story and and the charatcers that scott and i created ...well in all honest I one created Erika. who you'll see soon enough. ..
tesers by coolmonkeyd
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so Ive joined under the bridge , local comics collective and we're making our first at apperence at c2e2 next too some of my heroes no less Keron Grant, Sean Gordon Murphy and David Finch, its going to be awesome...  So if your comin to the con check us out at Booth M16B were working on a lot of sweet shitz for every one
Yo fans and family. I m on Threadless again , this time with a fucking vengeance. and i refuse to let my tees go down, so imma be all over this mother fucker facebook,and were ever else i need to show my artwork. why? I;m fuckin hungery figuratively and literary I can not get fuckin food and I'm not having that shit no mo. so please check them out, vote $5 on them so fly.. by coolmonkeyd Patti- Oscar Wilde by coolmonkeyd

on top a that I;m starting a comic book club at my college, we not talk'in bout comics, we mak'in em the goal is to have a site and release zines. I wanna do it as fair a price as possible ,so I'mma check out the free Chicago zine fest ,early March.  

I love you guys 10000 views ,on my art seriously, wow I owe ya'll a comic and you will get one it extra will be special for you fans of Company of Thieves… ,like my self. If you dont you miss'in out trust me. EXPECT THAT IN THE NEXT MONTH, AND IF I DON'T HAVE IT , YOU HAVE PERMISSION TO CURSE MY ASS OUT.
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Chances are you have, he's a pretty famous guy, one of the most famous movie stars ever. Though he was very insecure ,he's quoted as saying " I wish I was Carry Grant" funny thing about that is HE WAS. Mr. Leach wasn't just and actor on screen but in real life, existing part as man he could never truly be. I think alot of us do this pretend to be something were not even if its pretty similar to who we are, it's like we're pretending to be a perfect version of our selves but sadly we can never be perfect.

SHIT why should we be, why should we lie to our selves and everyone else. when we all can understand that we all get scared, alone or feel like we need other people in our lives. It doesn't make us weak people to admit we do always feel strong because we've proven were strong by continuing on to spite that fear, by surviving. we shouldn't have to pretend at least not around our friends ,family, and sig.  Cus if you want to be loved by someone for who you are you have to be willing to do the same, and you can't lie ABOUT WHO THAT IS even if its not alway awesome. we shouldn't change ourselves and unless were doing so detrimental to others or ourselves.
thats just what one my mind.
Okay, I just turn 19 as of yesterday... And I've got a ton of art im working for some new projects....... I'm going to Yomacon in Detroit rock city with my friends from cupcake cafe and I'm super excited!!!  I'm all so making a store for zazzle and doing commissions, also art for bands. Im going to put all that stuff up soon enough and some of it well be prints which is going to be sprode..... so I hope you like it !!!

I've also officially belong to the religion of Doctor Who, its like the best show since ........ those Nickelodeon peep show boxes were you'd get to see like five seconds of skin, and everyone int then 1890's was alll "SWEET BABY JESUS!!"
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yeah ....... um i guess i was tired of that old one.
so far i suck to the greatness of suckititude, no that makes no sense but my tired as hell i of
seeing everyone better than me i probably wont be on this site for awhile(though no one cares). everyones just so much better than me sometimes i feel like why even try? u know
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Hey everyone i hoped ya'll like the new stuff i put up im going to do more today!! yay(whatever ,you dont care. But in other news i got to go see motion city soundtrack recently it was awesome, they're one of my favorite bands so i was really excited i even go to see them in person of about a second.
Also im defiantly going to Anime Central the convention in Illinois is anyone else going?
i going to also try to go to e2c2 one day especially sense Andy and Adam Kurbert, and Skottie Young i really want to meet them!!!Do you guys ever feel wired about meeting people you admire?
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Well for those who care im working on a lot tradional work right now i hope to post it soon. But im really excited about the new Scott Pilgram Book coming out Vol.6 is going to be awesome check out the cover…
and spring break im so sprode right now!!
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I really want to know what people think of  my
my tee shirt designs and how i can
improve my stuff so yeah. i've been hvin a shittyy
day i'd make me feel good
i lately have no new ideas coming, but i've started animating which is cool, i was scared i wouldn't like after i actually did it but i love it, and the same with Scott Pilgrim. i think im go to work on some fan art.
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Luke I am your father!!

Mon Nov 9, 2009, 6:23 PM
I had a crazy week last week i met my father and i was glad to find he wasn't crazy , plus i figured out a cool comic idea, of which im doing my independent animation on at ASM. so I m going to start woking on that and another one just to start as soon as i stop being busy as hell.

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hey been trying to work on a comic for while now and ive got 4 ideas but i not sure which to go with
which would recommend.

1. is Gray and Wolph's story about a timid kid and his demon other half, out in search of why they exist as two people in one body, but traveling back to where they were found the demon world

2. then there's Nagato's story is a about a guy with with super natural powers which lead to the death of his family, alone he joins a cultish group of other super misfits, soon he find out there leader isn't as
well intentioned as first believed

3. Wings of the King, is a about a timid girl how girl how given the power to save her world ruled by
an evil queen out to ethnically cleanse it.

4. The last story is about about twin anti-christ Luci and Adrian who are out to complete there mission to bring back their father to rule the world, as they journey they find that their destines may be different then they thought.

so tell me what you guys think please, right now im messing around with all these basic ideas and i want to to one people will enjoy.
beatles rock band is amazing, Harimanoix was very respectful to the beatles and beatles fans. i love play ing the game, im  sad im going to have to take a break tomorrow to tightin up this tee shirt design, but im glade i won the contest. i'll put it up tomorrow.
I  also recently got the animators survival kit by richard williams, so I can really start learning about animation on my own, and also workin on my figure drawing. im going to try some basic all animations on my own soon. so to spite the start of school i've had a good week, and even thats going in abetter direction
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i successfully   sunk in to loilplaooza yesterday , and it was
amazing i saw coheeda and cambria , rise against and  tool
live and i got a shirt for collecting cans
this summer is officially a success
yay i finally got a tablet its so awesome
plus i got for 45 dollars less than normal
its awesome but im still getting used to it

no sent me any pictures for the last journal well what ever ,
i got a tablet also i got new pants, and i was in a
photoshoot today. i get to make my own magazine cover
for my internship any were working on a comic for true star magazine .
ood week so far, good week

lest hope getting in to lollipalooza well go as smoothly,
as so Freaks and Geeks is one of the
best shows evea!!!
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