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This information no longer applies to deviantART since the May 2020 Eclipse update.

You can feature 5 badges on your profile page. If you have collected more than 5 badges you can choose the featured badges here: https://me.deviantart.com/badges

Only your first two featured badges are visible in the mobile version of the site.

If you want to remove all featured badges from your profile page go to: https://me.deviantart.com/badges/ There is a link 'Clear all featured badges'.

This imgur gallery shows the badges that the Eclipse update broke due to the removed categories site wide feature. I screenshotted and recorded:

- the categories needed to get certain badges with their corresponding badges above them

- what badges USED to look like on dA

- Gifs of how to rearrange, remove, and add featured badges in old dA

Tiny fruit divider (F2U)

This is all of the new information about badges I have compiled.

Everything labeled with :new:in this journal was recently added https://www.deviantart.com/llamalist/journal/Facts-About-Llama-Badges-535878066

Your 5 newest badges are featured on the Home tab of your profile. If you arranged your badge order before the 2020 Eclipse, those will be your featured badges. Your newest badge will push your right most featured badge out if you earn any new badges (even if you arranged them).

The Llama Giver Button Creator still works! It allows you to make a link just like this. I figured out a work around finally. Go through the steps and when you are asked to find "gmi-gruser_id", look for "userid" instead because of site changes since the link creator was made.

This is what the dA help desk said about llamatrade no longer being available: https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/841291610/4841875794

This is the graphic that shows up when adding the badge section to the about page on your profile:

Add Badges Section

Also found this image URL for the ad featuring the (at the time of this post) newest badge: https://static.wixstatic.com/media/a0576d46-9998-4545-83f7-a7c2d58aeff4.gif

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mitoXD General Artist

Well, I've never heard of the Llama Giver Button Creator – but the One Click Llama Button still works anyway.

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Fella and the llamas factory (Badges) Bring back llama trading! Llama fella (Badges)

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https://me.deviantart.com/badges just goes to 404 Page not found.

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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
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I was looking for this feature: "You can feature 5 badges on your profile page." My badges are not missing, but I can't find way to change the order of the badges. Latest badge shows first on profile page. I just wanted to switch nicer badges to be shown on my profile as you could do on old DA layout.

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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist

You can't rearrange your badges with new dA

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Ya, that sucks.

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