Here's why you got a llama from me
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Why did I get a llama from you?

:bulletblue:I give almost all the people I come across llamas. Everyone in my inbox gets a llama.

:bulletblue:I use a llama giving program that generates random deviants. It gives llamas to people who've given more llamas than received.
:bulletblue: Give Random Deviants Llamas by ToastersToastToast
:bulletblue: Why Llamas? Stamp by CoolKaius

What's a llama badge?

:bulletblue:Please read Improved Llama Badge FAQ

What about those other badges on your profile?

:bulletblue:Sometimes the deviantART staff will release new badges for a limited time. Those badges are pretty special and rare. You can only receive those once and you can't trade them like llamas.
:bulletblue:See also:  Free Badges Guide - UPDATED by CoolKaius

Why do you give llamas?

:bulletblue:To get visitors that way I can help fellow llama traders.

:bulletblue:To make more friends. Feel free to note me!

:bulletblue:To achieve my goal of getting 100,000 badges.

:bulletblue:To share the pointless fun called "llama love".

:bulletblue:I don't expect llamas in return, but I do highly appreciate it.

Don't like your llama?

:bulletblue:Please don't stir an argument with me.

:bulletblue: Llama Badge Stamp by SparkLum

:bulletblue:I'm terribly sorry if you don't like your llama. I can't check people's profiles when giving llamas because it is completely unrealistic from a practical and timely standpoint.

:bulletblue:Llamas aren't necessarily something you deserve, but they can be. More so llamas are something you earn by trading.

:bulletblue:I hope you respect the fact that this a hobby of mine and the methods I use.

Hate llamas?

:bulletblue:You can turn off all messages dealing with llamas in your account settings:

Love llamas?

:bulletblue:Please visit my side account :iconllamalist: for how to give and get more llamas. Find everything you need to know!
:bulletblue:You can also get tons of llamas by joining my group: :iconllama-list:!

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MichelesthirdHobbyist General Artist
thanks for the llama and your informative commentary (though i've always favored llamas), i learned more about them and badges in general. 
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Lemiken7Professional General Artist
Hey, thanks for the llama badge barrage! :)
I don't really seek out llama badges and usually stick to the 'receive one, give one back' rule (my own way of doing things).
I just prefer to naturally 'grow' badges this way. 
I don't trade or involve myself with artificially inflating llamas; I like receiving attention for my art more than badges.
Faves, commentary and watches are much appreciated!  

Thanks for your interest though and don't let my views put you off continuing your crusade to reach 100,000 llamas!   

All the best, 
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Very informative journal.
Someothersnowleopard's avatar
I just started deviantart I have given 3 llamas and gotten 11 because I like just learned how to give them
PandixArtt's avatar
PandixArttStudent General Artist
hahah this is so wholesome! good luck on your 100,000 badges! and thanks for the llama!
SpiritWolfeMoon's avatar
SpiritWolfeMoonHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the trade I appreciate every point I get ^W^ my reason is said in my signature.

(Also if I'm a person who believes in llama for llama)
zpnn's avatar
What program do you have that generates the random deviants? I'd be interested
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
Kishan-Bagaria has made his llama giving bot available on GitHub. It also automates other features of DeviantArt. A guide on using this bot is not available. It does require some computer knowledge to set up.
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SMDART10Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love llama 
DemonicW's avatar
I love llama
ReddScaarr's avatar
ReddScaarrHobbyist General Artist
I'm soooooo late in giving you a llama.  I haven't been on my deviant page is a lloooonnnggg time. But I gave you one and they somehow turned into runaway llamas.  Go figure.  I dunno why it did that.  XD  Better late than never!!!

Have a great weekend!
CoolKaius's avatar
CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
I agree better late than never.

It said you gave me a runaway llama because it'll show whatever llama the deviant achieved.
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ChaiiWolfeHobbyist Digital Artist
Llamas always auto upgrade themselves to whatever the user has when you give them. 
if the user has over 10 Llamas, when you click to giv thm a Llama it will auto turn itself into whatever they have earned. if you were to give me a llame for example,it would auto upgerade to a super albino Llama 
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thefabulousduckHobbyist General Artist
i always give a llama in return
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klekettleProfessional Digital Artist
that's a very well-thought post, and i discovered new things about llamas from here. Thank you) 
I deeply share the descripted point o
f view. I wanted to ask - may i sometimes link to your post if i'm asked same kind of questions? 
CoolKaius's avatar
CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
I figured it was easiest to address every possible conversation all in one journal.

You are more than welcome to share any of my posts, including this journal.
klekettle's avatar
klekettleProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you :)
AaronBrawnstone's avatar
AaronBrawnstoneHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you. Because of that I will give a llama in return. Also a watch and faves!
VanillaMetal's avatar
VanillaMetalProfessional Writer
Thanks~! llama cancan 
curtsibling's avatar
curtsiblingProfessional Digital Artist
Cheers for the llama! :D
TizztheWhiz's avatar
Thanks for the llama! This is a super cute program idea <3 
Luspear-Soram's avatar
Luspear-SoramHobbyist Artist
Thanks for the info. I give out lots of llamas myself.
I give them for everybody who faves a deviation of mine or who gives me a llama first. Whenever I fave a deviation, I also give a llama to the artist.
Llama Truck 
sareyva's avatar
Thank you for the llama!  :-)
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llama s
i love llamas ohmygod
Llama-Emoji-13 (I'm Pretty) [V1] 
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