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Pride Sees No Color

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The title of this deviation throws a little bit of shade to the 2019 dA pride badge because it incorporates black and brown stripes. There is nothing wrong with racial pride, I just believe it should be a separate flag that waves next to the rainbow one. Just like how there's separate flags for sexualities and genders.

This is a drawing of how I see myself.

The flags:
The hat is the demisexual flag. Demisexual people exist on the gray spectrum of sexuality. Demisexuals can only feel sexual attraction once an emotional bond is formed. To everyone who says this is the "friend-zone sexuality", I say this: society looks down on anyone who can't find the average super model sexually attractive. This part of me was something I struggled with for years. I thought something was wrong with me because I couldn't find strangers attractive at all. Trust me when I say that a lot of people find this type of sexuality to be very strange.

The face is the non-binary flag. Non-binary is an umbrella term for anyone who isn't cisgendered, binary transgendered, or to put it simply 100% male or female. Some people choose not to claim this term in favor of other terms such as genderqueer.

The shirt is the agender flag. Agender people identify as gender neutral or feel as though they do not have a gender. Years of questioning led me to this label for myself. Femininity was a phase that I grew out of over time. The way I was raised with feminine concepts ingrained in my mind that it was all about vanity and attracting men with your appearance. I know this isn't what femininity is outright. It's a vague concept that means so many different things to so many different people. I feel such a strong mental disassociation between me and terms like girl or woman that it gives me dysphoria. I had no clue this would ever happen to me. I claim the pronouns they/them because it sounds infinitely more natural and normal to my brain.

What the location of each flag means:
The demisexual hat represents how I can choose who I am attracted to just like how I can choose to wear a hat.

The non-binary skin represents how I see my appearance. I don't see or think of myself in binary terms.

The agender shirt represents how I like to present myself. I love switching between outfits for men and women as well as mixing the two.

All 3 flags are core parts of my identity that go beyond these metaphors.

The white eyes represent how no one sees these pieces of myself. The exceptions include people who've gotten to me and people I've come out to. I am so lucky to be surrounded by so many accepting people who allow me to live true to myself.
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I'm happy for you, I know how freeing it feels to discover this kind of thing about yourself, especially after so many years of thinking something was wrong. And I'm very happy that there are people in your life who accept you. :heart:
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:love: Happy pride month! Pride