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Lennia Strior - Homestuck Fantroll Cosplay

I was my trollsona at Nan Desu Kan 2019! I've been wanting to do this cosplay for years and I finally got around to it.
See more about the character here:
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Oh damn that is awesome!!!
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1 $ее уоц’ге а рег$ои о£ сц1тцге а$ ше11. 1 ]ц$т бот 1ито Номе$тцск тн1$ уеаг. Тнат’$ а бгеат со$р1ау ьу тне шау. Чегу ше11 доие. 
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You are very kind! I have yet to p/ay Hiveswap or Friendsim :/
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Аид 1 начеи’т £1и1$нед аст $1х ует. Тнеге’$ а 1от о£ Номе$тцск аид 1т’$ геа11у 1ит1м1дат1иб. 
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It took me years to read a// of Homestuck, especia//y because for a big chunk of that time I didn't have internet at home. It was 100% worth it. I can't remember 99% of the comic, but how much I /ove it has stuck with me a// these years.
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1 £1и1$нед 1т. 1т £е1т $о 1оиб цит111 тнат 1а$т снагастег $е1ест. Тнеи 1т ша$ шау тоо $ногт. Х3
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Been meaning to read more of Homestuck2. I /ove how the meaning of canon is f/ipped on its head.
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1 $тагтед геад1иб ьцт 1 дгорред 1т а£тег а шн11е. Мауье 1’11 бо ьаск 1атег. Аид тне саиои тн1иб 1$ $о соо1. 
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