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Hidden Gems on deviantART

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I was inspired to make this stamp because of this discussion: Site Update: Bug Fixes, Hidden Gems

Hidden gems means unappreciated, or lesser known features on this website.
I will be updating this list as I find more things. Please comment with anything you'd like to share! :D

Spectacular Links:

:bulletpurple: Suggestions Forum - Post and vote on suggestions on how to change, add to, or improve deviantART.
:bulletpurple: #ThumbHub - A great chatroom where a bot will share your artwork for you. It's great for sharing and exploring art.
:bulletpurple: #devart - The official chatroom of dA where you can find deviants to talk to. It's one of the most popular chatrooms.
:bulletpurple: - Has profile CSS for purchase, a journal skin creator, and programs for use with dA.
:bulletpurple: The real story behind devART | First Deviation Ever UploadedThe Timeline of DeviantArt | Official Timeline of dA (both are worth a look)
:bulletpurple: A list of all staff emoticons and their codes :w00t:
:bulletpurple: deviantART Official + CV Group Listing
:bulletpurple: List of dA staff members
:bulletpurple: Complete List Of Bot Accounts - made by me!
:bulletpurple: Visit poll to see all of the official dA polls.
:bulletpurple: Generate CSS Code for your journal. No coding knowledge needed.
:bulletpurple: dA has a wikia site!
:bulletpurple: A searchable database of PLZ accounts
:bulletpurple: world - A world map of dA statistics happening in real time.

Spectacular Groups:

:bulletpurple: Official dA Groups List
:bulletpurple: :iconprojectcomment: - Centered around providing constructive comments.
:bulletpurple: :iconcustomizeyourprofile: - Can help you customize your profile.
:bulletpurple: :icon27d: - A great place to find PLZ accounts
:bulletpurple: :iconpoint-police: - Monitors point accounts and tells you which ones are trustworthy.
:bulletpurple: :iconprojecteducate: - Posts tons of informative things about art and how to use this site. Be sure to see their gallery.
:bulletpurple: :iconbadges-of-deviantart: - Lists information and up to date news about every profile badge on the site, like cake badges!
:bulletpurple: :icondawishingwell: - Aims to grant the wishes of it's members, such as getting a paid membership or more exposure.
:bulletpurple: :icondaseniors: - News about senior members and artwork from them.
:bulletpurple: :iconclaim-anything: - Claim anything as yours!
:bulletpurple: :icondeviant-cemetery: - A memorial for deviants that have passed away.
:bulletpurple: :iconcakextravaganza: - Dedicated to cake badges, birthdays, and cake trading.
:bulletpurple: :icondepthradius: - A collection of staff journals about art.
:bulletpurple: :iconhq: - Announcements from dA's staff.
:bulletpurple: :iconart--police: - Monitors art thieves on dA.
:bulletpurple: :iconfree-davatars: :iconfreeavatarproject: - Collects free to use 50x50 avatars
:bulletpurple: :iconforum-it: - Collects the funny quotes seen on dA's forums
:bulletpurple: :iconask-accounts-r-us::iconeveryaskaccount::iconask-pokemon: - Advertise and find ask accounts
:bulletpurple: :icondeviantartfilm: - Collects film submitted to dA and discusses deviant film makers.
:bulletpurple: :icongrouple: - A dead group, but you can still find tons of great group collections here.
:bulletpurple: :iconsignature-lab: - A huge group that collects resources for signatures.
:bulletpurple: :iconpolagen: - A collection of images made with Polanoid Generator V3 and HolgaRoid Generator BW

Spectacular Accounts:

:new: :bulletpurple: :iconfree-toyhouse-codes: - an active user who gives out codes that allow you to join a site that helps you organize and share your OCs
:new: :bulletpurple: :iconcat-fun-facts: - Frequently shares facts about cats
:new::bulletpurple: Here is a list of positive message delivery accounts by star-bunnies-bot
:bulletpurple: :iconjournal-meme-list: - A list of tons of different things you can fill out and post in journals for fun!
:bulletpurple: :iconnnjournal-testing: - Used to test journal skins for people
:bulletpurple: :iconstafflist: - A list of staff members. No longer updated, but still useful.
:bulletpurple: :iconseniorlist: - A list of senior members. No longer updated, but still useful.
:bulletpurple: :iconllamalist: - The largest resource for llama badge information on dA! Made by me.
:bulletpurple: :iconbirthdays: - Lists the birthdays of deviants. You will get comments on your birthday if you join their list.
:bulletpurple: :iconinactive-list: - Lists inactive deviants.
:bulletpurple: :icondahub: - Buy art features, watches, favorites, and llamas for groups, friends, or yourself. You can also earn easy points with it.
:bulletpurple: :iconpageviewerbot:Buy bundles of pageviews with either cash or points.
:bulletpurple: :iconask-trollface::iconask-awesome-finn::iconask-humanbmo::iconaskterezipyrope::iconaskac::iconaskprincessberryboo::iconasksollux: - Some good ask accounts, probably all inactive, but the art is still worth a look.
:bulletpurple: :icondadroid-bot: - A work in progress project that will allow you to run commands by commenting. You can tell the account to give a llama to someone for example.
:bulletpurple: :icon275: - Lists accounts of the numbers 1 to 1099 and the most active number accounts.
:bulletpurple: :iconusernamelist: - Lists little known facts about usernames and all related hidden gems!
:bulletpurple: :icondemisexualplz: - A plz account that lists information and art related to demisexuality.
:bulletpurple: :iconprotectart: - An account that discusses fair use and copyright related topics
:bulletpurple: :iconclubinuyasha: is a perfect example of an account based club. It ran before Groups were a thing.

Spectacular PLZ Accounts:

:bulletpurple: :icondragonbrothers:Dragon Brothers PLZ list Art originally by J-C
:bulletpurple: :icononionlovers:Onion PLZ list
:bulletpurple: :iconfoxblushplz: - Pyong the Fox PLZ list
:bulletpurple: :iconomgsocuteplz: - Yoyo and Cici the Monkeys PLZ list
:bulletpurple: :icontuzkistarsplz: - Tuzki The Rabbit PLZ list
:bulletpurple: :iconlazeplz: - There is no one complete list so here's two. Also see their comments. List 1List 2
:bulletpurple: :iconyolksicons:Yolks smiley faces PLZ list (also see it's comments) Art originally by Bad-Blood
:bulletpurple: :iconpokemonplzicons::iconlalist::icondisgaea-plz-list::iconbeatleplzlist::iconplz-accounts::iconplz-database::iconultraplz::iconfurryemoticonsplz::iconllamalist: - These accounts list PLZs

Spectacular Browser Extensions To Use With dA:

:bulletpurple:2015 Username Symbols DeviantART - Changes the symbols for "core" and "beta core" members to what they looked like before "core membership" was introduced. You'll go from orange to gray stars. Can be used with the extensions Stylish and Tampermonkey. Credit to Estecka
:bulletpurple:The Bundle by zio-san and SuperdAmn by electricnet - Adds tons of great features to dA's chatrooms.
:bulletpurple: One Click Llama Button by Kishan-Bagaria - Makes giving llama badges as easy as one click. Literally.
:bulletpurple: Llama Giving Gamer 2 for Chrome by NAkos - Allows you to give tons of llamas to random deviants by using a button in Chrome. Don't have Chrome? Here's the web version.

Spectacular Deviations:

:bulletpurple: I collect deviations and journals I find helpful here.
:bulletpurple: :iconhelp-resources: - In my group I also collect a huge variety of helpful things. Feel free to check out the favorites and journals.
:bulletpurple: There are to many helpful deviations to list. You can find everything I would've listed here in my group and favorites folder.

:bulletblack: See also: Complete List Of dA's Secret Features

Stamp made with Stamp maker V2 by MenInASuitcase
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AngeliniaHobbyist Digital Artist
this is awesome!  OwO
tho does the world map show real statistics?
whenever i send a bunch of llamas, they aren't visible on the map for some reason ;w;
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
The world map is run by dA so it incorporates everyone using the site. There's so many people doing so many things that your activity isn't going to be noticeable on there.
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GasterblastoiseHobbyist Artist
llama 4 llama:happybounce: 
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This was a awesome find.
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for looking at it. X3
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ThystynHobbyist General Artist
What a very interesting collection of dA stuff, thanks.
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
Thank you for looking. X3
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Many thanks for all your lists!  :D
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for looking at them!
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VictinniHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for posting this! ^^
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
Thanks for looking! :iconx3v2plz:
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VictinniHobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome >w<
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i wish to find badges, not llamas, other badges
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
This group lists every single badge on dA: :iconbadges-of-deviantart:
It also tells you how to get the other badges.
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It says that it doesnt exist...:(
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Oh my goodness, thank you!
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
I'm so glad you found this helpful.
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TalesFromMyCellHobbyist Photographer
Thanks for posting this! It's quite helpful!
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
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mt8flw Artist
This is the single most Informative Stamp I have ever seen in my life. Thank you!!
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
I update it occasionally, new things are marked with :new:. And it shows up in watcher's inboxes again as it updates.
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mt8flw Artist
T^T you are a hidden Gem of dA.
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CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
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