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Best ways to get points:

:star::points: Use llamatrade to get points by giving llamas.

:star::points: Offer things to point donators. Examples: Journal features, commissions, donator's icon featured on your profile for x amount of time, watches, favorites, comments, critiques, and llama badges.

Use your donation pool:

:points: Keep your donation pool at the top of your profile to get it noticed the most.

:points: In your donation pool or profile state what you are saving up points for or how you use your points. Honesty is key.

:points: Use this link to advertise that you want points replace "me" with your username.

:points: Many users and groups host raffles, giveaways, and contests with points as prizes. Doesn't hurt to enter!

Sell content:

:points: Use the commissions widget for your profile to make it easy for people to point commission you. Advertise your past commissions and examples!!

:points: You can sell adoptables for points.

:points: When you submit a deviation you'll have the option to include "Premium Content". Adding on additional downloadable content to your deviations will allow users to buy it with points.


:points: Make a wish for points at dAWishingWell Be sure to read the groups rules first!

:points: Do NOT beg or ask people for points.

:points: Before deciding to try giving or receiving points from any point account check Point-Police for trusted point accounts and important information.

:points: Be patient. It takes a long time to save up enough points for stuff. I speak from experience.

:points: Be an active member of deviantART when you can. It'll get more people to notice your donation pool.

Good luck!

:points: See also: Convert dA POINTS to REAL MONEY and Tips For Donating

Points PLZ Accounts:


If you donate points to me:

You can get tons of llama badges and (optional) features to get you more llamas! Any amount can be donated!
Click here to see my donation pool for up to date information.

Stamp base used: Stamp Templates Pack 2 by TheLoveTrain
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FallenPhantasyNew Deviant

I need some points as I want to save up for an iPad! My commissions are open.

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VabLabNew Deviant

Need some for donate and buy something from / to other

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yasuonikiHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured

need points for core to change my name for personal reasons ;w;
♥♥ my point commissions are open!  super cheap !! ♥♥
Okaun's avatar
OkaunHobbyist General Artist
do you need Core for a donation pool?
CoolKaius's avatar
CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
No, it will appear with the widgets available to you
Okaun's avatar
OkaunHobbyist General Artist
ok i figured it out lol
Starry-Storm's avatar
Starry-StormHobbyist General Artist
GoddesOfPoints is a donator account! It’s pretty new and still building up steam! They’re also hosting an event where you donate points and get tickets for a raffle! The prize is half of all the points people have donated!
jazzybeeboi's avatar
jazzybeeboiHobbyist Traditional ArtistFeatured

If anyone wants to donate points it would be greatly appreciated! Im saving adopts and presies for ma frands. My donation pool is located at the top of my profile page! But you can also donate here: if you donate 10+ you will recieve a free headshot of you character! Ty for reading. Would you like to buy some awoo?

MazziKoro's avatar
MazziKoroHobbyist General ArtistFeatured
miikabun's avatar
miikabunHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured

I need points to buy commissions and to exchange points into money. Please donate any amount of points. 
DragonTonicDraws's avatar
DragonTonicDrawsHobbyist Traditional Artist

ooo I just noticed this! thx for the help :)

PastelBunnz's avatar
PastelBunnzHobbyist General Artist…

Help me get points in order to support the artists I love and I will commission them!

I also have adopts & commissions available to purchase, pick whichever you prefer. ^.^

points [sweet milk] I'll also do the following services points [sweet milk] 
1points [sweet milk] = 1 + llama emoticon 
points [sweet milk]  = 1 Added to my devWatch! 
points [sweet milk]  = 1 +fav each
points [sweet milk]  = journal feature
10 points [sweet milk]  = fav your gallery
20 points [sweet milk]  = featured on my page for 1 week
50 points [sweet milk]  = forever feature on my page

points [sweet milk] optional offer points [sweet milk] 

points [sweet milk]  = your own special folder in my group PastelKittyShop 

things to note:

- Caution you absolutely have to tell me which offer you're doing in the msg upon donating or i'll think it's just a random donation! Caution 

other than that thx!
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KeiraStarlightHobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay  I will try, I never know what points do and more, but I willing to learn and show more on my art.
eclipsetheowlgod's avatar
eclipsetheowlgodHobbyist General Artist
Hi I was wondering if I could get some points, also a question, how does llamas = points? hope you respond, eclipse the owl god
CoolKaius's avatar
CoolKaiusHobbyist General Artist
Llamas can equal points if you use:
There isn't always a trade available so check back often
eclipsetheowlgod's avatar
eclipsetheowlgodHobbyist General Artist
octovore8's avatar
octovore8Hobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured
I want to try one month of Core Membership. Most to get custom boxes. Donate to me here !
You are not forced.
isnugz's avatar
isnugzHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured i want core pls ;-; i never had and i can't pay for it. so i wanna try it. Pikachu Crying Plz  
idiot-haul's avatar
idiot-haulStudent Traditional ArtistFeatured
Wanna keep this on the down-low (so I don’t freak out any irl friends who know me here) but I’ve got point commissions set up (for the time being, when it’s safe enough to open a paypal I’ll stop exchanging points for money and be like any real artist) to help me make enough money to get out of my current living situation!!!
SuperMarioFan65's avatar
SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
Oh good.
PotatoFork's avatar
PotatoForkHobbyist Digital ArtistFeatured…

I am trying to get points to buy adopts or commissions
any amount appreciated <3
Seiveril's avatar
SeiverilHobbyist General ArtistFeatured…

I need points to support my fav artists through commissions!
Neato-cheetoh's avatar
Neato-cheetohHobbyist Digital Artist
How do I move my donation pool? It’s on the very bottom of my page.
Pumkin-Syrup's avatar
Pumkin-SyrupStudent General Artist
~Go to the "Edit Page" button (right under your badges)
~It will show you all of you widgets you have showing on your page
~click the "Donate" button (it would be in either your 'Personal Zone' or 'MISC Zone')
~drag the "Donate" button where ever you want it to go and click done!

I hope this helps you! Heart 
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