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Untitled Super Smash Bros. Story Chapter 1
Chapter 1: A memorable Melee!
After receiving the letter, each of the heroes set out on a journey to see who the mysterious sender was. While on their quests, they encountered new friends, old foes, and many difficult challenges.
Stage 1-1: Mushroom Kingdom
Mario went to the castle to warn the princess of possible danger. He suddenly approached by a large group of dinosaurs. They looked similar to his friend, Yoshi, but something was different. They all had the same blank expression on their faces.
Mario told them that he needed to warn the princess about a possible danger to the land, but they refused to let him through. They suddenly attacked him and nearly knocked him out. He managed to knock a few away, but he was eventually overpowered.
He was almost defeated when two figures emerged from a nearby pipe. They sliced away the surrounding dinosaurs and freed the red plumber. With no time to question who these mysterious people
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Untitled Super Smash Bros. Story: Prologue
Untitled Smash Brothers Story
Prologue: P1 game
In the year ????, a tournament was founded where fighters from all across the world would come together and fight out to prove who was the best. They included space captains, heroes from distant lands, and mysterious creatures with special powers. They had been summoned by founder of the tournament, who was known to all as Master Hand. The fighters fought in countless battles, fought in several different domains, and found a couple of new fighters, but eventually, they wanted to go home.
They went to challenge Master Hand and overthrow his rule, but the road to his domain offered a several challenges. They faced strong fighters, a giant ape, precarious platforms, targets, a man made entirely out of metal, a grueling labyrinth, and clones of themselves, but they finally arrived at the Final Destination.
The battle was fierce, but eventually, Master Hand was defeated, and they were free from his control. The fighters then went their separat
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so this is what i did on flipnote hatena
you guys didn't say you'd kill me for it so here we are! last night i revisited some old flipnotes and now i have...a few pictures
one day i'll make an actual video reacting to them or whatever god please don't let me become a reaction channel but for now you just get out of context photos because honestly it's hilarious
let's just get right into it. i used to have a series about a demon pikachu who was learning how to control his edgy side but also keeps accidentally almost murdering his friends. also there's an angel snivy that becomes his girlfriend but also tries to kill him at one point because she was an assassin or something.
...i have an explanation right here

i find it so funny how he just casually writes "right now im just a kid who turns into a demon" oh my god. what the heck is this man
also "cring" is my favourite thing ever. i didn't know how to spell very well when i was 8
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Spiders!! by The-Bag-o-Douche Spiders!! :iconthe-bag-o-douche:The-Bag-o-Douche 21 1 3D Leo Model by KingJion 3D Leo Model :iconkingjion:KingJion 28 5 Evil Samus :18+ optional: by Axsens Evil Samus :18+ optional: :iconaxsens:Axsens 4,557 114 FREE Cat Base by Griwi FREE Cat Base :icongriwi:Griwi 508 44 Inktober '18 Day 1 by CatoftheCosmos Inktober '18 Day 1 :iconcatofthecosmos:CatoftheCosmos 34 4 Creepy Ass Wario by HoppyBadBunny Creepy Ass Wario :iconhoppybadbunny:HoppyBadBunny 193 195 8-bit Terraria - Wall of Flesh 2.0 by ParaBeetleX 8-bit Terraria - Wall of Flesh 2.0 :iconparabeetlex:ParaBeetleX 4 0 Ion and Zarel by MalamiteLtd Ion and Zarel :iconmalamiteltd:MalamiteLtd 20 7 Nervous Asriel by Trandafilov Nervous Asriel :icontrandafilov:Trandafilov 402 37 Fil The Blossom by Trandafilov Fil The Blossom :icontrandafilov:Trandafilov 16 0
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Sorry that I'm not writing more. Life stuff.
Really wishing I had chosen a better name 6 years ago.
Also, check me out on InternetSampler on Tumblr and Twitter. I'm slightly more active there.
I'm at a bit of a roadblock. I've got some parts done, but I'm trying to complete most of Part 2 (Melee) before I post more of it. I'll just post a part of what I have to keep interest alive.
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