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X-mas Tree of the Future

We went and got our tree today. While It will be a few days until we get in into the house and get it decorated. But for the last five or six years I have kind of done my own tree. It was inspired by a friend of ours, who made what he called a "Junkyard Wars" Christmas tree. So I made my own, and here it is: the Christmas Tree of the Future! I made it out of a broom stick and coat hangers spray painted silver. I have it decorated with various things representative of who I am. Mom got me the shiny new parrot ornament, which represents Sinbad, our departed macaw. Being a tree of the future, my now brother in law once asked "So dinosaurs are coming back?" to which I simply replied "Of coarse. Haven't you seen Jurassic Park?"
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Transient-Orca's avatar
I am going to steal that Native American Orca keychain from you...Where did you get? I need to have that as my Keychain.
CoolislandSong's avatar
I got it at a gift shop in Victoria, British Columbia.
Transient-Orca's avatar
Well, damn, I want one!!
PNEKMEKS's avatar
Hey, your christmas tree is killer!
Transient-Orca's avatar
CoolislandSong's avatar
yeah, I got that keychain in Vancouver to hang on my tree, because I like Northwest orcas.
Transient-Orca's avatar
Thats cool! I like the Pacific Northwest Orcas, too.
Transient-Orca's avatar
That is actually really cool!!! I love it, just something about it is so "christmasy" yet in a different way.
CoolislandSong's avatar
thanks. Maybe when I move out and get my own place, I'll get a larger pole and use full size coat hangers.
Mountaineer47's avatar
I dig it. Love the spino at the top and the chasmosaur in the middle. :) I've actually made a tree of wire hangars before, they're actually really cool. But I never thought of doing it the way you did. :) Bravo!
CoolislandSong's avatar
thanks. I lie the dinosaur on top too, because he represents my love of dinosaurs and when you push down on his sail, he roars. I also have a "Pygmy Allosaurus" Magic card and a Kenny McCormick card. And also, it's a styracosaurus, not a chasmosaur.
Mountaineer47's avatar
Ah, couldn't see which horned guy it was clearly, so I just guessed. :) I hope one day to have a Christmas tree such as yours. lol

CoolislandSong's avatar
cool. I am sure it will be interesting!
Blitzkreig-Storm's avatar
A nifty idea, nifty indeed. I should make one for myself. It would make for a rather interesting project. ^^

Love the dino on top. He's a star! ;D
CoolislandSong's avatar
Yeah, the dinosaur on top looked much better than the cliche star or angel. And the tree was easy enough to make. Just needs a little work.
Blitzkreig-Storm's avatar
A touch here and there. ^^
Diana-Huang's avatar
How... avant garde! :D
DragonTeethe's avatar
:lol: Very sweet! I love the story and I do hope the dinos come back :love:
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