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Vietnam War

By CoolingPT
Some soldiers resting over some mission...playing a few songs...
this picture was taken around 1965 in South Vietnam
i putted some effects onto it...

(also known colloquially as Vietnam or Nam as well as the American War in Vietnam) 1 was a conflict in which the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRVN, or North Vietnam) and its allies fought against the Republic of Vietnam (RVN, or South Vietnam) and its allies. North Vietnam's allies included the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam, the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China. South Vietnam's allies included the United States and South Korea. US combat troops were involved from 1965 until their official withdrawal in 1973. Enormous numbers of civilian casualties resulted from the whole war in Vietnam, most of them being inflicted by the North Vietnamese Army (NVA, Viet Cong Socialist forces). The war ended on April 30, 1975 with the re-unification of Vietnam.
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Vietnam was something else to the US soldiers that fought it. My dad has a friend who fought in Vietnam and he only spoke to them about the war once. Not only the psychological trauma but the Vietnamese were cruel. Setting traps, ambushes, and plenty of war crimes. That’s how bad it was
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I'd consider this war more of a psychological loss for the U.S., what with how split the whole country was with even going through with this in the first place in addition to all of the other stuff that was going on in the U.S. while the war was going on.
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Soldiers in Vietnam Gather Around a Guitar

Members of Company A of the 14th U.S. Infantry Division gather around a guitar after a hard day during "Operation Yellowstone," which lasted from December 1967 to March 1968. Many soldiers in Vietnam would customize their helmets by writing slogans on the cloth covers; the guitar-playing soldier here has dubbed himself the "Oklahoma Kid."

The original photo (and my text) are belong to the United States National Archive. 

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.. :'( it made me remeber past about my country... And you drew it?? It so nice and have more meaning..
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My dad knew some people in Vietnam. There's a guy working in a store in my town (we go there so often we're friends with everyone that works there) that was an American soldier during the war and my brother had a science teacher who was a photojournalist of sorts in Vietnam. Hell, my dad lived through the time of the war (though he was never in Vietnam thank God, or I wouldn't be here)
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tells a lot about history, l love this
I see a red door and I wanna paint it black......
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The U.S. only lost because they gave into a bunch of acid-shooting morons, and their baby-boomer idealistic NONSENSE!
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i wonder what is the song of this lyrics (this is what i think the lyrics is i just do not know the song) : i will survive way to raise the flag oh with red wine and booze
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The song you're thinking of is "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival, though those aren't the lyrics. The lyrics are actually "Some folks are born, made to wave the flag - Ooh, they're red, white and blue". Hope this helps, man!
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thanks i found it now thank you
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A foto é tua ou foi tirada do google pra depois pores os efeitos? so tou curioso porque não é muito comum um português ter fotos desse conflicto, a não ser que seja luso-descendente lol
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This lovely art has been f e a t u r e d
in the news article P.E.A.C.E. Thank you for being a part of this. I hope you are well.
Peace be with you.
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do you know where this picture was taken ???
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Is this Country Joe McDonald ?!
I am pretty sure he is, because I found this picture while google him !
Make Music not War !
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Could I see the first photo without any effects? Would be appriciate to you for a link.
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great shot, i've featured it here: [link]
Sau 1975,đất nước chúng tôi đã thống nhất Nam và Bắc. Việt Nam là một dân tộc yêu hòa bình và chúng tôi đã chiến đấu để có được điều đó.Tất cả đau thương đã lùi lại phía sau,hãy hít thở bầu không khí hòa bình đi anh bạn.
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i love this photo my whole family came from the vietnam war and my grandfather was a soldier they had to flee because they lived in south vietnam and since the south lost thats just what happened but i think you left out a few parts. yes we lost because the americans surrendered, but wasnt north vietnam aided by Soviet Union? basically america and soviet union came to vietnam to fight against eachother thats what i know about this
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