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Chapter 5:  Oak's Failed Experimentation

(The scene opens up with Ryan opening his eyes.  He looks around and see that he is in a room, strapped down to a table lying down in nothing but his briefs.  He sees Summer in a cell, lying on the floor, crying.)
Ryan:  (thinks to himself) Damn it.  No wonder why I rarely trust people.  This should have never happened.  Why do humans have to be so cruel?
(Suddenly, a buzz rang throughout the room three times, and the main door opened with Oak entering the room with his wicked, nasty, evil smile and with his menacing glare that stabs you like a thousand knives being piercing your body.  The door shut, and that is when all hell broke loose.)
Oak:  Well, well, well... Look who we have here.  It is the man who wore the first suit of Iron!  Well, say goodbye to your precious life, memory, and powers, Ryan!
(Ryan was terrified.  He was too scared to even move as Oak's machine of death moved closer to Ryan's head.  Before the machine could reach his head, he blacked out again, but when he came to, he was free of his bonds and was fully dressed in his clothes that he previously wore before he arrived in this room.  Oak was unconscious on the floor.  When Ryan glanced at the cells, he saw that everybody, including Summer, was holding a face of pure shock, wonder, and amazement.  Just then, Oak came to.)
Oak:  YOU!  You better stay away from me!  You were more powerful then I expected!  Just... Just leave here and never come back again!
Ryan:  (thinks to himself) What did I just do? (Speaks) Uh... That's right!  You never mess with me, Oak!  So, asta lavista, you motherfu-
(Suddenly, an explosion was heard and Oak ran out of the area.)
Ryan:  Weird.  Now, it is time for you to head home, Summer.
(Ryan then opens Summer's cell, but then, out of pure randomness, Summer jumped on top of Ryan.)
Ryan:  ACK!
Summer:  (filled with extreme joy) My big, blue hero!
Ryan:  What are you talking about?
Summer:  You just turned into something that had red eyes and blue feathers and a red triangle on your chest and you were levitating!
Ryan:  Oh, okay.  Nothing out of the- wait, WHAT?!?!
Summer:  I am totally not kidding!  Can I move in with you?
Ryan:  (eyes twitching while holding a very shocked facial expression)
???:  Hey, can you let us out as well?
Ryan:  (glances over) Certainly.  What is your name?
Jas:  I am Jasmine.
Ryan:  Nice to meet you.  I am-
Jas:  I already know who you are, Ryan.
Ryan:  Yeah... Let me go open up all of the cells.  (Opens the cells) (speaks slowly) Now, lets all head on out of here, just like well behaved, civilized-
Everybody else except Summer and Jasmine:  FREEDOM! (Tramples over Ryan)
Ryan:  (in pain) Ow.
Summer:  Want me to make you feel better?  (kisses Ryan all over his face)
Ryan:  (In between breaths of desperation) Help!  Me!
(Jasmine just shakes her head in disappointment.)
Jas: Relax, she’s just excited. Heh, it’s nothing.
Ryan:  No, I think she is overreacting.
Jas: Probably, but hey.
(Suddenly, they notice that the room is completely empty except for the three of them.  All of the others who were also being experimented on were gone.)
Ryan:  It appears that everybody else has left.  (Pulls a remote for a car out of his pocket, and clicks the button twice.)
Jas: Well, shall we be off?
(Suddenly, a Ford Fusion is parked outside of the room in the hallway.)
Ryan:  I better be going.  That is my car, by the way.
Jas and Summer: Can we go with you?
Ryan:  Uhh...
Jas: *please?*
Ryan:  I guess I have no choice.  Come along.
Summer: Thank youuuu~!!
Jas: Cool. Let’s go.
(The three enter the vehicle, but only Ryan buckles up, which makes Jas and Summer suspicious.)
Jas: Where should we go? I think I know a place.
Ryan:  Don't worry.  I'll take you to the safe house.
Jas: That works, I guess.
Summer: Heh. Does it have two bedrooms? 
Ryan:  No.  It is has 17.
Summer: (grins) Perfect.
Jas: Summer, no.
Ryan:  No Summer.
Summer: (Looks at Ryan, an upset look on her face) Why not...?
Ryan:  (in a pitch that makes his voice sound like Batman's voice) Because Batman said no.  (Clears throat) Kidding.  No means no.
Summer: (muttering) Fine. But you do look kind of cute, heheh.
Ryan:  Right... (Shifts the car into drive) You may want to hold onto your seats.
Jas and Summer:  Why?
Ryan:  (grins slightly) This car is modified by me to reach speeds of up to 2,000 mph.
Summer:  But isn't this car gasoline powered?!
Ryan:  Gasoline?  Where we are going, we don't need gasoline.
(Ryan floors the car, sending the tires screeching and they zoom out of the window, into the air, and they land in the loading dock for Oak's Headquarters.)
(Meanwhile, in Oak's Office...)
Oak:  (pissed) What do you mean that they escaped, Mr. Fegelien?
Fegelien:  (German Accent) They escaped because of failed Project Seven setting all of the experiments free.
Oak:  And you were the officer on duty?
Fegelien:  Yes, I was, sir.
(Oak drops his writing utensil on the table, and covers his face with both of his hands.  He then looks at Fegelien.)
Fegelien:  (grins) I don't see any lost funding.
Oak:  (slams his right fist on the table with each sentence) FEGELIEN!  FEGELIEN!  FEGELIEN!
Fegelien:  (grins wider) At least I am not the one who has to pay the property and estate taxes.
Oak: (slams his right fist on the table again with each sentence while looking at Fegelien with anger) OH F--K YOU!  F--K YOU!  F--K YOU!
Here it is everybody!  The moment we have all been waiting for!  The fifth installment of the Experiment 7 has arrived.
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