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Chapter 4:  The Long Road to Vermililol

(Scene opens up in Ceroflean City with the sun slowly approaching sunset.  The air has the scent of the lake that flows nearby.  Ryan and Red were leaving the Pokémon Center heading for Vermililol City.)

Ryan:  So, how far is Vermililol?

Red:  About a 30 minute walk from here.

Ryan:  Thank you.  I better get going.

Red:  Take care.

Ryan:  You too.

(Red then left Ceroflean, leaving Ryan to fend for himself.)

Ryan:  I just hope that I don’t run into any mishaps along the way.

(Meanwhile, in the universe Ryan came from…)

Jarvess:  Sir, you have someone at the door.  Sir?  Ryan?  (Nothing responds) He still has not yet returned.  I hope he is alright.

(Back in KantLOL, Ryan arrives in Vermililol City...)

Ryan:  Ah... Vermililol City.  This is the exact place where I need to be to find the parts I need to build something.

Little Boy:  Mister, mister!  Please!  My daddy is not breathing!

Ryan:  Do not worry.  I know CPR.  EVERYBODY!  STAND CLEAR!  I KNOW CPR!  (Starts CPR) Come on... Come on! (Hears a heartbeat) That's it!   You can do it!  (Hears the man's heart rate return to normal) Yes!

Little Boy's Father:  (coughs) Thank you for saving my life.  Please, take a quarter of my fortune.  I am a rich man, so there is no need to worry about my financials.

Ryan:  Uh... Thanks?

Little Boy's Father:  I insist.  Please.

Ryan:  Uh... Okay.

???:  Dad, are you okay?

(Ryan peers around and sees a lady about his age.)

???:  And who is this strange man in front of you?

Ryan:  I am Ryan.  I just saved your father's life from dying.

Summer:  Nice to meet you!  (smiles and giggles) I am Summer.

Ryan:  Nice to meet you.

Summer's Dad:  Here.  Have this check of 10,000,000 Poké for saving my life.

Ryan:  Thank you sir.  Have a wonderful day.

(As Ryan leaves, he somehow senses that Summer is following him from a far distance.)

Summer's Father:  Summer, come along.  I have a cake prepared at home for your birthday.

Summer:  Yippy!

(Summer runs into her home with her family to enjoy her birthday.)

Ryan:  Hm.  (Shrugs) Now, I need to get some iron, some wiring and whatnot.  If my memory is correct, the design of this should match what I have in my memory.

(Ryan then buys enough merchandise to build his prototype.  He had enough money left over to purchase a home in Vermililol.)

(Two days later...)

Ryan:  Alright.  The prototype of the Iron Man Project is complete.  Now, I am just missing Jarvess.  It is also a good thing that I have spare parts left over.

(Four hours later...)

Ryan:  Well, the teleportation portal is running, and it has successfully connected with my old home.  Now, I just need to get Jarvess's main system transferred and I can completely see my Iron Man suit.

(Some time later...)

Ryan:  Now that I have Jarvess hooked up to my new house, I can now successfully use the Iron Man Concept... Once I destroy the teleportation device on this end of the portal.  (Grabs a sledgehammer, and smashes the teleportation device.) There.  Finally!  We are able to use the armor!  (Suits up)  Everything is looking good.  Now it is time for a test flight.

Jarvess:  Sir, there appears to be an intruder on the property.  From my indications, he is neither somebody that you have met nor is he somebody that is friendly.

Ryan:  (Thinks for a second or two) You know what, skip the test flight, and get this person off of my property.  (Walks out of the garage) Hey, buddy.  Are you looking for someone?

Oak:  (Grins evilly) Yes, in fact, I am looking for the man that this girl last looked at with interest.  (Drags Summer, who looks completely worn out, by the arm)

Ryan:  Who in the name of all things that are extremely new, like this new, awesome prototype that I built, are you?  And what do you want from me?

Oak:  (grins evilly)  I am Oak, and I only want you and your powers so that I can benefit from then for myse- I mean, for mankind.

Ryan:  You know, there is one thing in life that you have not yet learned... (plasma blasts Oak and Summer falls gently to the ground while Oak gets flung back 69 feet)  You never mess with a smart person like me.

Oak:  Who the hell do you think you are?!

Ryan:  Genius stay-at-home millionaire obsessive philanthropist.


Ryan:  (sarcastically) The name is Bond.  James Bond.  (Plasma blasts Oak)

(Oak falls to the ground and teleports behind Ryan, pulling a lever of his Iron Man suit's back.)

Jarvess:  Emergency power shut down activated.

Ryan:  Uh oh.  (Falls on to the lawn face first.) I guess I failed to memorize this suit prototype too well.

Jarvess:  Emergency suit separation activated.  Suit will self-destruct in 10 seconds after deploy and launch protocols.

Ryan:  (complaining tone) Oh come on! (Gets ejected from the suit, and the suit takes off, exploding ten seconds later.)  Damn it!  (glares at Oak) You are one motherfu- (gets hit behind by one of Oak's Scouts with a tank of air.  Ryan blacks out.) 

Here is the next chapter of Experiment 7.  Enjoy.

Chapter 3: Click Here.
Chapter 5:  Coming out on November 7.
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