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Chapter 3:  It is Easier to Run

(Scene opens up in PewROFL City with the morning sun breaking across the horizon.  Ryan is looking around the city, despite attempts from trainers along the way insisting that he must have a battle with them.)

Ryan:  Truly, this... Is the most spectacular sunrise that I have ever seen.  This cannot be out-matched to what I was use to back from where I was before the incident.  Now, what is on my To-Do List?  (Pulls out iPhone)  Find a shop that sells metal.  This should not be too hard.  I am in a city after all, but not a port.  (Disappointed)  Damn it.  I need a map.  (Sees a Pokémon Center)  Maybe they have a map.


Red:   (currently entering PewROFL City and sees Ryan entering the Pokémon Center) (smiles) (enters the Pokémon Center)

Ryan:  Pardon me, Nurse Joy, but do you happen to have a map of the area somewhere here?

Nurse Joy:  No, we have not had a map of the region posted in here since the last trainer who became the region's champ not so long ago.

Ryan:  (perplexed) And, who authorized this and when did this happen?

Nurse Joy:  The maps were removed by Oak Tree Incorporated just last night.

Ryan:  Do you happen to have wireless Internet here?

Nurse Joy:  Why, yes, we do.

Ryan:  Thank you. (connects to the Wi-Fi, finds an app that show him a map of the area) Finally, I can know how to get around this area.  (Notices that it requires AirOS 6.3, but Ryan has iOS 6.3)  OH COME ON!

Red:  Excuse me, sir, is there a problem with your device?

Ryan:  Yes, there is a major problem.  Mind helping me fix it?

Red:  Sure.  Just a quick question:  what version of AirOS is your AirPhone using?

Ryan:  ...AirPhone?

Red:  Yeah.  This is an AirPhone, right?

Ryan:  No... This is an iPhone.

(Just then, everybody in the room gasps in shock at the fact that Ryan is the only one who has an iPhone.)

Ryan:  What?  Did I just say a bad word of anything?

Random Guy:  (slightly scared) No... You... YOU!... Are from another dimension!

Ryan:  So... Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Random Guy:  I don't know.   I would recommend that's oh should go see the gypsy of Mt. Moon.

Red:  I can take you there.  I have been down that way many times.

Ryan:  Great... *Just what I needed...*

(Everybody gasps again.)

Ryan:  Okay, what did I do this time?  Did I fart or something?

Nurse Joy:  No.  You just used telepathy, a trait that very few Pokémon have and it is even extremely rare for humans.  Chances of having telepathy are one in a million.

Ryan:  Damn.  That is interesting.

Red:  We should be going... Uh...

Ryan:  (to Red) *My name is Ryan.*

Red:  Right... We should be going now before it gets much later.

Ryan:  Good point.

(Both Ryan and Red exit the Pokémon Center and head to Mt. Moon.)

Wally (a random person following Ryan and Red):  And so, as our hero's journey begi-

Wally's Nagy Old Grandmother:  Wally!  Time for bed!

Wally:  Oh man!  Not again.  Just as I was about to stalk these two.  (Walks home in disappointment)

(Meanwhile, at Oak's Headquarters...)

Oak:  (sees his Scout Team enter his office all beaten up and in wheel chairs with almost full body casts) WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?

Random Scout 2:  We were ambushed by the guy we were after.

Random Scout 3:  He's too strong.

Random Scout 1:  And too smart.

Oak:  (turns around and faces the window) DAMN!  (turns around again) No matter what we do, he is going to get stronger and stronger by the minute!

Random Scout 1:  But sir!

Oak:  I DON'T CARE!  We need a new plan.  Luckily, I have one.

Random Scout 1:  (scared) You don't mean!

Oak:  (grinning evily) Oh I do mean.

(Back at Mt. Moon...)

Red:  Well, here we are.  The top of Mt. Moon.

Ryan:  Yep.

Red:  Straight ahead is the Gypsy's house.  I'll wait outside to be a lookout in case if there is anybody coming to attack you.

Ryan:  Thank you.

(Ryan leaves Red and enters the hut where the gypsy lives.)

Ryan:  Hello?  Is anybody here?

???:  Ah, you must be Ryan.

Ryan:  I am guessing that you are the gypsy?

Madam Patricia:  Yes.  I am Madam Patricia.

Ryan:  Nice to meet you, Madam.  Now, I want to know something.

Madam Patricia:  Ah, you mean the prophecy.  (She pulls out some sort of powder and throws it into a lit candle, creating several smoke images to appear.)  Ah, yes... According to legend, a beam of light shall appear, bringing a man down from a different place.  He is captured in a battle of the century between him and a force of evil that takes place in a village of very few and he is captured with a girl his age.  He is experimented on, but the people who are experimenting on him realize that he is too strong to hold back with the normal weaponry that they hold.  His body will reject the experimentation elements in him.  He will free all the victims of the prison, knowing that if they did not leave now, all hope will be lost.

Ryan:  Well, that explains what is happening right now, but what can explain the powers that I am suddenly gaining?

Madam Patricia:  Ah, yes.  The other prophecy.  (She pulls out some sort of powder and throws it into a lit candle, creating several smoke images to appear.)  Here it is.  A man from a place unknown will find that he is gaining some weird powers.  A dragon of blue and grey will rise with a dragon of red and white, helping others with their problems when they least expect it so they may not have the same fate of being captured like them.  Now, listen to me carefully:  this prophecy does not take place for another 100 years, yet it says that it involves you.

Ryan:  But how can that be?

Madam Patricia:  Remember this:  The prophecy never lies.

Ryan:  Thank you.

(Ryan exits the hut and heads back to Red.)

Ryan:  Did I miss anything?

Red:  Well, if you are talking about an old man who wants to capture you, then no, not really.

Ryan:  Right...  Now, shall we leave?  I have places to go, you know.

Red:  Sure.

Ryan:  (exhaustingly) Finally!

(Meanwhile, in the United LOLs of ROFLica...)

Private Tom:  General, we have detected an energy source, sir!

General Right:  Where is it coming from, private?

Private Tom:  It appears that it is coming from KantLOL, sir!

General Right:  Thank you private.  You are now dismissed.  (walks into a control room) Send a team of our best men for a covert operation to KantLOL for a thorough investigation.

This is strange... What can General Right be up to?  

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WynautWarrior Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2014  Hobbyist Artist

This story has it's awesome twists of humor
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Oak looks really evil in this!!!
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