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Chapter 2:  Not a Typical Game of Hide and Seek

(The scene opens up to VidROFLian Forest with embers shimmering through the air from a campfire below.  Ryan is currently trying to keep warmth during this cold, November night where the temperature is only 21 degrees.)
Ryan:  Damn.  (shivers)  Why does it have to be so cold tonight?  At least I was not the only person in this forest who decided to rest at a fire pit area for the evening.  (Yawns, looks at his watch and sees that it is 11:30 PM)  Oh wow, look at the time.  I better head off to bed.
(Ryan pulls out a sleeping bag that he rented for the evening for while be stayed in the forest.  However, as soon as he falls asleep, Oak's Scout Team One is almost near Ryan.)
Random Scout 1:  (looks down from a hill side) Looks like we have several possible locations of where he can be right now.  Apparently, there are currently ten possible locations of where he can be hiding.
Random Scout 3:  Should we call Oak and tell him-
Oak:  And tell me what?
(The three Scouts from Scout Team One all jump at the sheer surprise of Oak's presence.)
Random Scout 2:  Sir, we have a situation.
Oak:  What kind of "situation"?
Random Scout 1:  Apparently, we don't know which campsite is his.  Do you have any suggestions on what we should do?
Oak:  Search the area.  Use any means necessary.
Random Scout 3:  But sir!  I enjoy the environment!  I don't want the trees and other plant life to be burned!
(Suddenly, Oak disappears and reappears holding Randon Scout 3 in the air by the neck.)
Oak:  Don't lecture me about the enviornment!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!
Random Scout 3:  (choking) Yes... Sir!
(Oak relinquishes his grip on Random Scout Number 3.)
Oak:  You better not make that same mistake.  Now, go complete your mission.  I will be waiting for all of you at base.
(Oak suddenly disappears, leaving the three Random Scouts to only fend for themselves.)
Random Scout 1:  Oak is right.  We need to finish the mission.
(Meanwhile, at Ryan's campsite, Ryan is sleeping and is currently sleeping, but his sleeping state is dreamless...)
Ryan (in his dream):  Where am I? (looks around)
A Voice:  *Wake up...*
Ryan:  (in his dream) Who are you, and why do I need to wake up?
A Voice:  *There is trouble headed your way.  Wake up young soon-to-be L-*
(Unexpectedly, the voice in Ryan's dream was interrupted when Ryan's eyes opened.)
Ryan:  (listens for movement) (whispers) Looks like I am not the only one trying to find something.  (Ryan somehow senses that one of the Scouts is right behind him.  Swiftly, Ryan grabs a sharp, pointed wooden stick and jabs it into one of the Scout's legs.)
Random Scout 2:  (in pain) AH!
(Ryan then pulls the stick out and does it again to the other two Scouts, injuring their legs as well.)
Ryan:  Looks like I just rescued myself from being taken hostage or something.  Wait a second... (knocks out the three Scouts) There is enough weaponry here to build-
(Suddenly, Ryan hears some noises, and he decides to quietly sprint out of the forest as fast and as quiet as he could possible.  Back at the site of the three knocked-out Scouts, an adult trainer, by the name of Red, arrives on the scene.)
Red:  (looks at the guards) ... (walks away)
This is the latest installment of Experiment 7.  Sorry for the story being posted late.  I was having issues of posting it to the site on Tuesday, October 1st.

Chapter 1: Click here.
Chapter 3:  Click Here.
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