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Chapter 1:  A New Beginning

(The scene opens up to a sunny morning in a home in the real world.  Ryan is sleeping in his bed and is about to be woken up by his house computer system, Jarvess.)
Jarvess:  Good morning.  Today is November 3, 2013 at 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time in Canton, Michigan.  The current weather is sunny, but expect rain showers in the early evening hours.  The current High is 49 degrees.  Please, dress warmly sir.
Ryan:  Thank you Jarvess for that wake up call.  (Yawns, and slowly gets out of bed) What is on the agenda for today?
Jarvess:  You have a teleportation experiment to start conducting before noon.
Ryan:  Alright.  Lets get to work on it... Right after I eat some breakfast...
(Two hours later, Ryan is in the basement in front of a Portal Generator Machine.  This is when history was forever rewritten...)
Ryan:  We have achieved a stable reaction state.  I can see something that is on the other side of this portal, but it is currently producing so much light that it is too bright to see what is on the other side.
(Suddenly, a flash of light bursts out of the teleportation device, sucking Ryan into the hole he created between time and space.)
(Meanwhile at Oak's Lab...)
Random Guy:  Sir, we have detected some odd light source.
Oak:  Where is its location?
Random Guy:  The exit point is here in KantLOL, but it appears that the origin of this light source is unknown.  Wait...  There seems to be a person coming through that light source, and he is holding what appears to be some audio player.
Oak:  What kind of audio player?
Random Guy:  Lets see if I can zoom in the camera... Ah, there we go!  It appears to be an... iPhone?  I never heard of an "iPhone" but I have heard of an "AirPhone".
Oak:  Hmm.  This guy is not from the area.  Send out two Scout Teams.  If he manages to defeat them, we will be have to track him down and capture him like the others.
(Back at the site of the light source, which has now diminished...)
Ryan:  Ugh...  Damn.  Jarvess, where the hell am I?  (hears nothing)  Jarvess? (still hears nothing)  God damn it.  I guess I will have to find some other way out of this place.
(Meanwhile, a local news studio recorded video footage of the column of light from where Ryan came from.  This video was sent to news corporations all across the entire planet of Earth 2.  It is currently 6:30 PM and the Earth 2 World News is coming on the air.)

News Anchor:  A startling crash at a Soviet Airbase has caught global attention, shocking millions.  The only question remains is what caused it?  If there is nothing more to view on the road, then where is the best place to view new attractions?  And a beam of light was recently recorded, and it was falling from the sky.  For the first time ever, could it be possible that we are not alone in our Universe?  All of the questions and more when the Earth 2 World News begins right now.
Voiceover:  Live from KantLOL, this is the Earth 2 World News with Mark Gibbson.
Mark:  Good evening everyone.  Right behind me, you can see that the area of the light beam is currently being incestigated by Federal Officials, who are trying to collect evidence of what caused this and where it came from.  Scott Morrow has the story.
Scott:  It was a perfectly clear night last night.  You can see the stars from the sky shimmering down over the forest below.  That was until 10:30 last night when this ametuer video of a beam of light suddenly falling from the sky crashing down to the spot where investigators are looking at right now.  According to the Federal Buerau of Investagation, the source of where the light came from us clearly unknown.  Coincidentally, there where no reports of UFOs being reported in surrounding communities.  But, if you find that startling, then you will be startled even more when the light disappears, revealing a man who is human.
Scott:  One thing is for sure Mark is that Federal Officials are now on a manhunt for this man.  They did not tell us why they want him because they stated that the information for what their intentions for this mystery man is classified.
Mark:  Thank you Scott.  When we return...
(Away from the newsroom scene, the so-called Federal Agents were not actually Federal Agents.  They were actually one of Oak's teams of Scouts that he sent out to search for the mystery person who appeared in the beam of light.)
Random Scout 1:  No sign of him or her being here.
Random Scout 2:  Look!  I found foot prints!  They appear to be men's running shoes.  They are currently heading North towards VidROFLian Forest.
Random Scout 3:  Hey, I found a 100 dollar bill!
(Random Scout 1 pulls out his radio.)
Random Scout 1:  September Tango One to Poppy Tree.  Come in Poppy Tree.
Oak (over the communicator):  I read you loud and clear September Tango One.  What is your status, over?
Random Scout 1:  Poppy Tree, we have found a hundred dollar bill, over.
Oak:  (yells) NO YOU IDIOTS!  Where is he heading?!
Random Scout 1:  His current direction is North towards Vector Foxtrot, over.
Oak (over the speaker of the radio):  (yelling) THANK YOU!  (calms down) Ahem... Roger that September Tango One.  You are clear to pursue the target.
Random Scout 1:  Copy that, Poppy Tree.  We are now proceeding to head towards the target's current location.  September Tango One over and out.
(The radio was then shut off.  All of Oak's Scouts that were part of Scout Team One packed up their belongings and headed for ViROFLian Forest while Scout Team Two stayed behind to protect the site.)
(At Oak's Headquarters...)
Oak:  Why did I have to select a team of idiots to do a smart guy's work?
???:  (has a silly grin on his face) That is because you did not make a smart decision yourself.
Fegelien:  (grins mischievously) But I wasn't the one talking.
Oak:  (screaming louder) GET OUT OF MY OFFICE, NOW!
(Back at the site of the light, Scout Team Two disappeared without a trace.  The cause to this very day is still unknown.)
Oh my...  Oak is looks pretty busy with his little "friend" that keeps on acting mischevious.  Then again, that is totally his problem.

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Chapter 2:   Click Here
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A scout should be focused on the mission, not a 100 dollar bill!
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Is your real name Ryan?
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