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New Radar Overseer Scotty Concept by cooling999 New Radar Overseer Scotty Concept :iconcooling999:cooling999 14 6 This is Oak by cooling999 This is Oak :iconcooling999:cooling999 7 13 How is this possible? by cooling999 How is this possible? :iconcooling999:cooling999 6 8
Experiment 7: Origins from the Void - Chapter 6
Chapter 6:  The Division of the Group
(The scene opens up with Ryan, Summer, and Jas in Ryan's self-modified car traveling at 1,407 mph that is literally driving on top of water.  Their destination:  Freedom from Oak.)
Jarvess:  Sir, we are almost at the turning point.
Ryan:  Thank you Jarvess.  How is everybody back there?
Jas:  I think Summer needs another doggy bag to chunk in, but the sad thing is that we are all out of doggy bags.
(Ryan stomps on the brakes, and, luckily, he stopped on sand.)
Summer:  Psych!  I am perfectly fine.
(Ryan's temper suddenly rose extremely quick, but he decided that violence was not the answer in this situation.  He floored the car over the waterway of the route in the region.)
Jarvess:  You are now arriving at your destination.
Jas:  Well, I guess this is it.  Thanks for
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Experiment 7: Origins from the Void - Chapter 5
Chapter 5:  Oak's Failed Experimentation
(The scene opens up with Ryan opening his eyes.  He looks around and see that he is in a room, strapped down to a table lying down in nothing but his briefs.  He sees Summer in a cell, lying on the floor, crying.)
Ryan:  (thinks to himself) Damn it.  No wonder why I rarely trust people.  This should have never happened.  Why do humans have to be so cruel?
(Suddenly, a buzz rang throughout the room three times, and the main door opened with Oak entering the room with his wicked, nasty, evil smile and with his menacing glare that stabs you like a thousand knives being piercing your body.  The door shut, and that is when all hell broke loose.)
Oak:  Well, well, well... Look who we have here.  It is the man who wore the first suit of Iron!  Well, say goodbye to your precious life, memory, and powers, Ryan!
(Ryan was terrified.  He was too scared to e
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Experiment 7: Origins from the Void - Chapter 4
Chapter 4:  The Long Road to Vermililol
(Scene opens up in Ceroflean City with the sun slowly approaching sunset.  The air has the scent of the lake that flows nearby.  Ryan and Red were leaving the Pokémon Center heading for Vermililol City.)
Ryan:  So, how far is Vermililol?
Red:  About a 30 minute walk from here.
Ryan:  Thank you.  I better get going.
Red:  Take care.
Ryan:  You too.
(Red then left Ceroflean, leaving Ryan to fend for himself.)
Ryan:  I just hope that I don’t run into any mishaps along the way.
(Meanwhile, in the universe Ryan came from…)
Jarvess:  Sir, you have someone at the door.  Sir?  Ryan?  (Nothing responds) He still has not yet returned.  I hope he is alright.
(Back in KantLOL, Ryan arrives in Vermililol City...)
Ryan:  Ah... Vermililol City.  This is the exact place where I need to be to find the parts I
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Experiment 7: Origins from the Void - Chapter 3
Chapter 3:  It is Easier to Run
(Scene opens up in PewROFL City with the morning sun breaking across the horizon.  Ryan is looking around the city, despite attempts from trainers along the way insisting that he must have a battle with them.)
Ryan:  Truly, this... Is the most spectacular sunrise that I have ever seen.  This cannot be out-matched to what I was use to back from where I was before the incident.  Now, what is on my To-Do List?  (Pulls out iPhone)  Find a shop that sells metal.  This should not be too hard.  I am in a city after all, but not a port.  (Disappointed)  Damn it.  I need a map.  (Sees a Pokémon Center)  Maybe they have a map.
Red:   (currently entering PewROFL City and sees Ryan entering the Pokémon Center) (smiles) (enters the Pokémon Center)
Ryan:  Pardon me, Nurs
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GIVE.  ME.  MY.  TACOS! by cooling999 GIVE. ME. MY. TACOS! :iconcooling999:cooling999 12 57
Experiment 7: Origins from the Void - Chapter 2

Chapter 2:  Not a Typical Game of Hide and Seek

(The scene opens up to VidROFLian Forest with embers shimmering through the air from a campfire below.  Ryan is currently trying to keep warmth during this cold, November night where the temperature is only 21 degrees.)
Ryan:  Damn.  (shivers)  Why does it have to be so cold tonight?  At least I was not the only person in this forest who decided to rest at a fire pit area for the evening.  (Yawns, looks at his watch and sees that it is 11:30 PM)  Oh wow, look at the time.  I better head off to bed.
(Ryan pulls out a sleeping bag that he rented for the evening for while be stayed in the forest.  However, as soon as he falls asleep, Oak's Scout Team One is almost near Ryan.)
Random Scout 1:  (looks down from a hill side) Looks like we have several possible locations of where he can be right now.  Apparently, there are currently
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Damn Scotty... :iconcooling999:cooling999 6 14
Experiment 7: Origins From the Void - Chapter 1
Chapter 1:  A New Beginning
(The scene opens up to a sunny morning in a home in the real world.  Ryan is sleeping in his bed and is about to be woken up by his house computer system, Jarvess.)
Jarvess:  Good morning.  Today is November 3, 2013 at 8:30 AM Eastern Standard Time in Canton, Michigan.  The current weather is sunny, but expect rain showers in the early evening hours.  The current High is 49 degrees.  Please, dress warmly sir.
Ryan:  Thank you Jarvess for that wake up call.  (Yawns, and slowly gets out of bed) What is on the agenda for today?
Jarvess:  You have a teleportation experiment to start conducting before noon.
Ryan:  Alright.  Lets get to work on it... Right after I eat some breakfast...
(Two hours later, Ryan is in the basement in front of a Portal Generator Machine.  This is when history was forever rewritten...)
Ryan:  We have achieved a stable reaction sta
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Experiment 7: Origins from the Void - Prologue
(The scene opens up with a caravan of military-grade Hummers traveling down a road in a desert in the middle of April 2014.  Then, the sound of music can be heard playing.  More specifically, it was Linking Park's song "I'll Be Gone".  A young man, by the name of Ryan was sitting in the rear left seat of the second vehicle.  He was dressed as if he was going to a business meeting, and he was holding a glass filled with Iced Tea with ice in it.  An odd silence fills the cab until...)
Ryan:  Why does it feel so quiet in here?  What is it?  Am I not allowed to talk or hold any form of conversation?
Soilder:  You have permission to talk sir.
Ryan:  Finally, a human being that can speak English.
(Everybody in the vehicle briefly laughs.)
Summer:  So, what are we out here for, honey?
Ryan:  Nothing to worry about dear.  It is just a simple test drive.  What can go wrong with test drive of just 3 brand new Hum
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Taco Night Calendar by cooling999 Taco Night Calendar :iconcooling999:cooling999 2 2 Landscape of Ohio Route 2 (Heading towards I-280) by cooling999 Landscape of Ohio Route 2 (Heading towards I-280) :iconcooling999:cooling999 2 2 Random Shark by cooling999 Random Shark :iconcooling999:cooling999 1 1 A very unusual thing that you don't see everyday.. by cooling999 A very unusual thing that you don't see everyday.. :iconcooling999:cooling999 1 1


Agent Venom vs. Kuro by AnutDraws Agent Venom vs. Kuro :iconanutdraws:AnutDraws 140 25 Batman Ninja (2018 Anime) - Anutty Review #320 by AnutDraws Batman Ninja (2018 Anime) - Anutty Review #320 :iconanutdraws:AnutDraws 28 12 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017 Movie) - AR #324 by AnutDraws Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017 Movie) - AR #324 :iconanutdraws:AnutDraws 49 3 Spider-Man vs. The Prince by AnutDraws Spider-Man vs. The Prince :iconanutdraws:AnutDraws 166 25 E3 2018 (Event) - Anutty Review #326 by AnutDraws E3 2018 (Event) - Anutty Review #326 :iconanutdraws:AnutDraws 64 15 MCM London May Cosplay by Duo-minds MCM London May Cosplay :iconduo-minds:Duo-minds 1 0 The Paradigm by sup3rnovatjj The Paradigm :iconsup3rnovatjj:sup3rnovatjj 1 0
Nkrs200 Television Studio's Anti-Piracy Advice
The YouTube user you are now looking on each screenshots is your assurance of first class audio and video presentation, guaranteed by Nkrs200 Television Studios and his fans too.
If the YouTube video you are watching does not look like this, if it's just one YouTube user (Picture 1)
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and you won't be satisfied either picture quality or sound.
In that case, contact Nkrs200 Television Studios on Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter, or on YouTube.
Facebook: htt
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Who's That Pokegon? by HowManyDragons Who's That Pokegon? :iconhowmanydragons:HowManyDragons 774 84 nkrs200 TTS Christmas Picture Contest by imbloy542 nkrs200 TTS Christmas Picture Contest :iconimbloy542:imbloy542 5 4 Rotating Sphere by g3xter Rotating Sphere :icong3xter:g3xter 198 60
Coming Soon!
We are releasing our very first game app for mobile devices very soon.  It is going to be called nkrs200:  Taco Run.  This game revolves around Sam trying to gather as many tacos as possible.  However, he would have to watch out for anything that tries to stand in his way.  This app is currently in the developmental stage, and won't be available until September 15, 2015.
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Test Card- Division by 0. by TopazstarV Test Card- Division by 0. :icontopazstarv:TopazstarV 3 0 Bacon eats Jen'Eric Noos-Ree Porter by AgentEliteFirey Bacon eats Jen'Eric Noos-Ree Porter :iconagentelitefirey:AgentEliteFirey 1 7 Nkrs200 (Ryan) and AT88 (Aaron) by AgentEliteFirey Nkrs200 (Ryan) and AT88 (Aaron) :iconagentelitefirey:AgentEliteFirey 2 0 Just look and read this by AgentEliteFirey Just look and read this :iconagentelitefirey:AgentEliteFirey 3 0


If you want me to make you your own OC, I would need to know the color of the eyes, hair, shirt, Pants, and shoes.  It will be modeled after my own OC from my Funny Windows Errors Series on YouTube.


Journal History

So, it has been a while since I have been on dA.  I am truely going to be posting Experiment 7:  Orgins from the Void as soon as my computer will please stop being dumb.  Expect to see a chapter or two up tomorrow morning.


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nkrs200 (Ryan)
United States
I currently live in Michigan, and I am currently studying computer programming. I love to write and draw car designs. How I took my place in deviantArt is quite odd, you see. I was always an known as an Underdog when it came to writing stories. The reason for why I was known as an Underdog because some people thought that I am a bad writer. However, they were wrong. After my first success with my Lugia Plush story, I thought “Hey, why not write more if my stories were this popular?” Thus, began the long chain of events stories. When I wrote The Crusader, not only my popularity slightly increased, but so did my obsession with writing. However, my obsession soon lead to my downfall in my writings. I was at a dead end in writing. Basically, one part if me said, “This is the end! Close your deviantArt account!” but another part of me said, “Take a break. You need it.”

This is exactly what I did; I took a long break. However, in the middle of a night towards the end of August in 2011, I had a dream of me writing a new story that is better than all of my old ones: The Encounter. That's when I started to write again with more accuracy and detail then I did in the past. I am also currently writing a part of The Encounter: A New Divide, the sequel to The Encounter. I so far have the first chapter of the sequel almost done, but I will not release it until I finish The Encounter. I also placing the first chapter of the sequel to The Encounter under a title of "under counstruction" until I complete the rest of the basis storyline.

Still, a lot is still to come from me. I do not know how much, but it will come.



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