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ZBEARS! comic teaser #1

Ill be drawing and posting a comic seris of a old fandom my friends and i made called zbears. In this photo you can see Scrapy. A white rabbit who adopted the name scrapy after being possesed by 2 souls (one not even being dead) before being possessed though. He was called Randel whos another character who will appear in the comics.

Ps. This fandom is open to Everyone but i do ask that you dont steal OC's
Aside that your aloud to do anything else such as make ocs fo tf the fandom. Create fanart if you like it and make theories

I might also do voice overs on youtube for the comics but i must say my microphone is bad
My YouTube channel is
Same as my user on a game called Blockstarplanet
Have fun and if you have any questions feel free to ask
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