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Neptune Panty Stuffing by LeatherSFM
Mature content
Neptune Panty Stuffing :iconleathersfm:LeatherSFM 131 12
Mature content
A Mother's Shrink Gun - Chapter Six :iconvexedstories:VexedStories 20 3
Mature content
A Mother's Shrink Gun - Chapter Five :iconvexedstories:VexedStories 32 5
Mature content
Be Careful What You Wish For 15: Toilet Duty :iconjoenoone87:joenoone87 11 2
Mabel`s sauna by Zapor666 Mabel`s sauna :iconzapor666:Zapor666 741 22 Tiny Earth and Giantess Pan  [COMMISSION] by TakaoKanata Tiny Earth and Giantess Pan [COMMISSION] :icontakaokanata:TakaoKanata 77 5 Onahole Guy - Page 1 by SusukiDraws Onahole Guy - Page 1 :iconsusukidraws:SusukiDraws 22 5 School Defenders - A giantess fetish game by gtsfetish
Mature content
School Defenders - A giantess fetish game :icongtsfetish:gtsfetish 62 12
Leen the giantess
I woke up in the size of a tiny ant in some huge room. I was on the floor when I started hearing giant footsteps coming closer. A few seconds later, gigantic massive enormous huge sexy goddess like Leen entered her room and started walking towards her bed which was behind me. Leen was a very beautiful, gorgeous, and attractive girl, yet, she is sometimes very mean and aggressive and rude. Leen, or to be specific, giant Leen, was wearing a white armless shirt, and tight grey shorts, and wasn't wearing any footwear. Giant Leen looks so sexy that I kept on staring at her beauty, forgetting how tiny I am. Then when I came back to my sense, it was too late. Giant Leen unawarly stepped on me, squashing me totally like a tiny bug and continued walking. Then she sat down on her bed and started doing something to her long polished fingernails. Leen's gigantic barefoot Was very smelly and dirty from the bottom. The smell was a killer. I was lucky not to black out of faint. Then Leen felt a tiny
:icongiantess7sister:giantess7sister 26 1
My classmate the giantess 1
John woke up in the size of a tiny ant in what looked like someone's giant pink panties. Then he noticed that there was huge named written on the back side of it. The name was 'Leen'. Tiny John started thinking of girls called Leen who he knew. Then he remembered his classmate, Leen. His classmate, Leen, hated John so much that she would do anything to kill him or torture him hardly in any way. John started crawling out of the giant pink panties when suddenly, his biggest fears coming true, giant enormous Leen entered the room and started walking towards her bed, which was behind John. Giant Leen was wearing a long shirt, covering the area of her ass, apparently not wearing any underwear. Then giant Leen suddenly grabbed her pink panties, and wore them, totally unaware that tiny John was in there. Then giant Leen wore her gym shorts, shoes and socks, and Started jogging outside her house. With each slight move giant Leen would make, the more her enormous mountain sized buttcheeks would
:icongiantess7sister:giantess7sister 22 3
My Sister,The Giantess
   It started out as an innocent summer Friday night in the residence of the Write family,but started to get weirder and weirder as night started falling.But I had to tell you THAT story to tell you THIS story.
   "Kelly! Can you come down here for a second?," Called Kelly's mom from the front door.Kelly,our main character,is a loving,16 year-old girl with a catch: she had the power to shrink anything,but had to keep it a secret from her parents.
   "Can you watch Emily while we're out at the movies.We're going to see '12 Rounds'!," the father said cheerfully.Emily,our second main character,is a carefree,10 year old who sees Kelly as a role model,but also doesn't know her power.
   The mother said,"We'll be home at about 11:30,so don't let her stay up too late.She already ate and took a bath so you don't have to worry about that.Be good,and don't watch 'South Park'!," and left."Well,they're gone," Kelly thought,"...and if Emil
:iconruready325:RUReady325 108 7
My sister the giantess 1
I had been feeling sick and dizzy all day long. When I was walking in the house corridor, I fell down, passing out. After around an hour, I woke up. Everything looked so strange. Nothing looked normal. Then I suddenly realised to my horror that I have shrunk to the size of an ant. I had to get someone's attention. My parent's room was too far behind while my older sister's room was right next to me. Then I stood up and entered my sister's huge room. My sister, Lara, a beautiful and attractive 17 year old teenage girl, was not in her room. Then I walked further in her room. It was so messy and untidy. Clothes, panties, bras, were all carelessly thrown onto the floor. I always wanted to touch one of my sister's panties, and now was my only chance so I walked towards one of her enormous pink panties and crawled in. It was truly massive. Then suddenly I started hearing giant Footsteps coming closer when closer until I realised the source of the noise. It was my sister, or should I say, my
:icongiantess7sister:giantess7sister 110 4
A Tiny Odyssey, Act I
Chapter IX: The final countdown
Alex woke up to the sound of a giant yawning. He saw his colossal sister Natalie getting up. He blinked and then he checked on the phone.
"I have to get her attention now, before she goes down for breakf-" Alex said before the ground shook from Natalie's footsteps. Alex was too late. Natalie was going to the kitchen to have breakfast, leaving Alex all by himself.
"Well, that went well." Alex said sarcastically to himself. "What am i gonna do now? If i don't get Natalie's attention in the next 4 hours, i'll be stuck like this forever." Alex then thought of something as he looked on the phone he was holding.
"At least, i will have a chance of going back to normal size. Mark... will stay like this forever. Provided he is still alive. God, why is this happening to me? I lost my best friend and now i might lose my sisters." Alex said.
"No. I can't, i mustn't, i won't let this happen. I may have let down Mark, but i won't let my sisters
:icongiantessstorycreator:GiantessStoryCreator 3 0
A Tiny Odyssey, Act I
Chapter VIII: Alex's last hope
Alex just couldn't believe what just happened. He had lost, probably forever, his best friend.
"Mark..." the crestfallen teen said as he felt to his knees and tears started coming out of his eyes as he remembered his past 1 and a half days being tiny with Mark. It had started out without almost any conflicts, but it had turned into a constant argument between the 2 teens. The last time he had seen him, the two were fighting. He just couldn't believe that the last words to him didn't stop him from leaving.
"Mark, i'm sorry. Please, forgive me..." Alex said as he started crying and he felt the ground shaking again. Tina came back, saying:
"Well, now that that's over, let's get ready for shopping day with mom and my sisters. I need a new pair of shoes." Tina said as she started picking up clothes to wear. Alex on the other hand, saw something close to him. It was Mark's phone! It must have fallen off of him before he fell into
:icongiantessstorycreator:GiantessStoryCreator 2 0
A Tiny Odyssey, Act I
Chapter VII: The break-up
Tina started pouring some imaginary tea inside her stuffed animals tea cups so they could all have some. When she finished she sat down on her chair and then she asked her stuffed animals:
"Who would like a sugar cube?" she said. From her teddy bear, the two boys could see the 13 year old girl doing something that a 6 year old girl would normally do.
"That girl has a lot of imagination." Mark said.
"I know, but don't judge her. I remembering her having tea parties with me and our sisters ever since mom got her this tea play set. She might be too old for all these things, but i told you she is sweet. She has a sensitive side." Alex said vouching for his younger sister.
"Okay, whatever." Mark said. Tina meanwhile has given all of her 'guests' a 'sugar cube' for their 'tea' and then she sat down on her chair.
"Okay everyone, what do you wanna talk about?" Tina asked her stuffed animals. She then gave a sigh.
"Oh Alex, you would make this tea part
:icongiantessstorycreator:GiantessStoryCreator 2 0
A Tiny Odyssey, Act I
Chapter VI: Trapped into Tina's room
"Are we alive?" Mark asked dizzy.
"Yes we are dude. And we made it upstairs. My sisters have all gone to their rooms. I could feel their footsteps. It's a miracle that we are still alive though." Alex said dizzy as well.
"Yes. Now that we made it upstairs and we are outside your room, what's next?" Mark asked.
"Well, we have to pass outside the bathroom, Tina's room and Natalie's room to make it to Maya's room and we have 2 days for this." Alex said.
"So we'll probably make it, right?" Mark asked.
"Of course buddy. Now let's go. Passing outside the rooms will be a piece of cake." Alex said.
"Let's go then." Mark said.
The two boys then started walking a straight line to Maya's gigantic room, thinking that their troubles were over, not knowing that their real trouble were just starting, they had no idea what adventures would they go through in Tina's room. This would be the hardest room of the house. A room where something would happ
:icongiantessstorycreator:GiantessStoryCreator 2 2


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