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Judy Hopps - Karate Bunny



Here is a picture that I did of Judy Hopps from the Disney animated movie "Zootopia" doing some karate while in an appropriate outfit. Because I wasn't too busy doing anything else at the time, I was in the mood for wanting to draw some pictures involving the characters from "Zootopia", which happens to be one of my favorite animated movies to come out this year, and this particular picture that I was in the mood for drawing was pretty much a random idea that I decided to draw after not feeling motivated enough to draw once I had completed my Halloween-themed artwork not too long ago. Anyway, for this picture I've done, I was able to draw a simple picture of Judy practicing her karate skills, and she can be seen wearing an outfit that consists of a white gi and red headband, which also kinda reminds me of Ryu from the "Street Fighter" games. When I was coloring the picture in, I was able to use a yellow-orange texture for the background, and I decided to fill up much of the empty space by adding white stars in different sizes. The picture turned out very nice after being completed, and it's sure to please my friends and everyone else as well.

Judy Hopps (c) Disney
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If Disney made something like this it would be so hot