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Blaze In A Prom Dress



Here is a picture that I did as a request for :iconclassicgamer95:: Blaze The Cat in a hot pink dress that is worn for a prom. Besides the dress, she is also wearing high-heeled shoes that are the same color as the dress and long white gloves. This outfit actually turned out very nicely on Blaze after drawing and coloring it in, and I'm sure everybody who sees it will definitely agree.

Blaze The Cat (c) Sega / Sonic Team
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MX310 series
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Me: Hi there, Blaze.
Blaze: Hello.
Me: *surprised by how she looks* You look so beautiful!
Blaze: Thanks. Care to dance?
Me: Sure, just let me put some music on.
Blaze: That's fine.
Me: *grabs a stereo and a CD full of current pop hits*
Blaze: What kind of music do you have?
Me: *plugs stereo in and switches to CD mode* The CD has some of the hottest songs currently on the Billboard's Hot 100 Chart.
Blaze: I bet there's some good songs on it.
Me: Yes. *puts the CD on and presses play* OK, you ready?
Blaze: Ready when you are!
Me: Let's dance!
(Blaze and I dance to several of the songs playing for a while)
Blaze: My feet are killing me. Is it okay if I take my shoes off?
Me: Be my guest.
Blaze: *takes her shoes off* I feel much better now.
Me: Good. Now can we pick up where we left off?
Blaze: Yes.
(She and I dance a little while more)
Me: *presses stop and unplugs stereo* Well, that was fun.
Blaze: *puts her shoes back on* We should do it again some time.
Me: Yeah, we should.
Blaze: Maybe you could get some more music next time.
Me: I'll keep that in mind.
Blaze: I look forward to it.
Me: ;)