It's Time to Vote for the Winners!

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The Finalists for the CoolClimate Art Contest have been chosen, thanks to the help of our celebrity judges listed below!  You can see the Finalists listed in this folder.  Congratulations to these amazing artists, and we're tremendously grateful for all the work everyone has put into creating their pieces for this contest.  Well done!

Now's your chance to decide the winners!

At this point, the Finalists have been listed on the Huffington Post, and this is your opportunity to decide which piece you think should win!

All you need to do is to go to this link, browse through the entries, and vote on a scale of 1-10 how iconic you think the piece is.  Remember, the purpose of this contest is to raise awareness about climate change through identifying and celebrating iconic images and to inspire people to be involved in the discussion.

The winners will be announced on October 7 in Washington, DC at the Center for American Progress, on the Huffington Post and, of course, right here on deviantART.  Winners will also be featured on the Planet Green Planet 100 web show.

The winning five images will be given out to top environmental leaders and attendees of's international day of climate action on 10/10/10 in a toolkit that will help them communicate the urgency of climate change.

The first place winner will also receive the opportunity to blog about their experience on the Huffington Post!

Now's the time to get to voting! Please get your friends and family involved in this important issue, and good luck to all our Finalists!
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I had originally talked up this project to anyone I knew who would listen because I thought it was a great idea with the potential to reach a broad audience and raise awareness about important issues. It seemed as though DA had established relationships with a number of influential organizations in order to get the word out about Global Warming, and had managed to attract a number of high profile jurors. I was impressed. Additionally, - like other participating artists I spoke to- I was psyched and excited to get my work about issues I considered significant in front of influential persons, as well as a potentially huge segment of the general populace. It wasn't about 'winning' a contest, it was exposing your work to a wide audience and having the opportunity to raise awareness about important issues.

So that's why I'm disapointed and hugely irritated at the way this judging process played out. I didn't realize that submissions would be internally pre-screened by persons unknown as though in some stupid high school popularity contest. It completely defeats the purpose of participating in this event!

(FYI- Don't advertise all these great jurors and emphasize all the wonderful media opportunities IF the most important step in the process is apparently making it past some anonymous committee of DA members..)

And as for the argument that the important jurors are too 'busy' to look at all entries, Got news for you- the total number of submissions for 'Cool Climate' -even after the deadline was extended- was still a very manageable amount of entries that most jurors would have been able to deal with. Professional artists/administrators/panelists do it all the time.

Bottom line: Such an important issue, so much potential for the project, such a diversity of great ideas and great works submitted. There's absolutely no reason why every single entrant couldn't have their submissions viewed by the jurors. Any narrowing down of the pool should have been done by the jurors alone, definitely not pre-screened internally by DA members. Totally uncool.
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:D It is on! Kidding... I'm so giddy about the results.
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Man, I worked weeks on my art and it didn't make it to the finalists, maybe next contest ;)
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The totally cool thing is that you can vote on every one of the 20 Finalists and still vote for your favorite! Each vote on each Finalist is a 1 to 10 scale with 10 having the most value. Go ahead and give yourself a 10 if you are one of the finalists but then you get to vote on the others as well. Spread the karma and give a 10 to that other artist too!