Great Submissions. Thanks for all your creativity!

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We are all tremendously impressed with both the number and quality of the submissions made to the CoolClimate project and are deeply grateful for the level of commitment they represent to the preservation of the environment.  Many thanks to each and every one of you.

We have officially started the judging process. The first stage of judging will produce 50 semi-finalists.  The semi-finalists will be turned over to the panel of distinguished judges listed on the home page who will select 20 finalists and at least 5 alternates.  

If your entry is one of the provisional 20 finalists, you will receive from deviantART a Note and an email asking that you confirm for us your contact information.  We expect to send the emails and Notes by September 23, 2010 so keep a sharp eye out for it.  The Note goes to your deviantART account message center and the email will be sent to the address you provided at sign up.         

The 20 finalists then will be placed on the for public voting to determine the five winners.  The panel will also select the first, second, and third place U.S. entries which will be announced separately.

You will want to get all of your friends, family and watchers involved in the voting on  We will post the link to the voting page right here as soon as it goes live.

Good luck to you all and once again our deepest thanks for your participation in this important effort.
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TheUnseenProject's avatar
When does the judging on the huffingtonpost site begin?

Congrats to all the semifinalists. :D
SMerle's avatar
I was so impressed with all the entries and I wish you all the best.
erysimum55's avatar
Thank you for the info - Great contest and I totally agree about all of the wonderful art that was submitted! Very glad that I found your site :-)
in-my-viewfinder's avatar
rather excited. :w00t:
can't remember if I gave my email address tough :boo:
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
The email will be sent to the address you provided at sign up. :)
in-my-viewfinder's avatar
thanks. I just couldn't remember giving one when I signed up. getting old lol
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
You can always check by going to your settings. :)
in-my-viewfinder's avatar
ah I thought you meant when I joined the group not Da. Deeeer. silly me
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
MarcoHeisler's avatar
nfilipevs's avatar
great!! can't wait!! :eager:
good luck to everyone!
Not-of-this-age's avatar
Can't wait. Good luck to all who entered, US and International alike.
Karshaforever's avatar
Are the international art/projects go for judging as well?
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
Yes, both U.S. and International submissions will be judged. :)
Karshaforever's avatar
Thank you for your reply. Will you go through each and every one of them or will you just clock on the ones that look interesting etc?
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
The judges have a vested interest in this contest and will take great consideration when approving entries. Rest assured, they will check through all the entries. :)
Except it sounds like the judges/jurors WON'T actually have the opportunity to viewing all the entries because the submissions have been internally pre-screened by individuals from DA. Which is an unusual layer in this process.

You have some pretty high profile jurors. Are they all aware that they won't actually be seeing all the submissions? It completely changes the nature of the contest/event.
Karshaforever's avatar
Okay, I really hope they like mine and that its impactful enough. Thanks for all the info ;)
kluckett0210's avatar
So many talented earth minded artists! When will the official semi finalist list be posted?
Ayame-Kenoshi's avatar
You can find the semi-finalists listed here! :eager:
CSnyder's avatar
sounds good, best of luck to everyone:iconcuteeagerplz:
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