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Welcome to the CoolClimate Art Contest! :earth:

Deadline Extended to September 6th!

We are searching for the brightest and most creative visions that will challenge and engage people around the issue of climate change. The Earth is our home. What is your vision for its future? What will happen if nothing is done to stop events like oil spills, deforestation, and global warming? What are the solutions that will make a clean energy future possible?

:bulletblue: The contest:
The contest seeks to generate iconic images that address the impact of climate change and spurs participation in the climate change debate. Create a work that encompasses the questions above and explores our relationship with the climate – from clean energy jobs to pollution-free oceans – the subject choice is yours.

We are open to a wide array of submissions, but the images have to be static (no motion graphics or video, sorry!) and they have to be your own. You can do photo manipulations as long as you own the rights to the photo you are manipulating. We look forward to your submissions!

:bulletblue: CONTEST BEGINS AT 12:00:00 AM (PT) ON JULY 12, 2010 AND ENDS AT 11:59:59 PM (PT) ON SEPTEMBER 6, 2010.

:bulletblue: The Rules
Entry must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PT) on September 6, 2010 and be submitted to the Contest gallery on There is one Gallery for U.S. Submissions and another Gallery for International Submissions.
  • Submit your art to either the United States gallery or to the International gallery at the Contest Site on based on your place of residency;
  • Entrant must be 18 years or older;
  • Entries must be in GIF, PNG, or JPG file format;
  • Entries may originate in any visual medium;
  • Entries may not have won previous contests;
  • You may submit more than one entry;
  • Online entries only, hard copies not accepted;
  • Entries may not use any watermarks or distinguishing artist marks (excluding signatures appearing in a customary size and form for the medium used by the artist);
  • You must be a member of deviantART to enter. Membership is free.

Official Contest Rules

:bulletblue: The Judging :omg:
Semi-Finalists will be selected by staff and twenty (20) Finalists will be chosen by our esteemed panel of judges. Judges include:
  • Jackson Browne (musician)
  • Jayni Chase (philanthropist)
  • Chevy Chase (comedian)
  • Mel Chin (artist)
  • Dianna Cohen (environmental artist)
  • Philippe Cousteau (ecologist)
  • Agnes Gund (renown art collector)
  • Van Jones (environmental activist)
  • David Ross (former head of Whitney Museum and SF Museum of Modern Art)
  • Carrie Mae Weems (artist)
Entries will be judged on the following criteria: Originality, Effectiveness in Communicating Ecological Challenges or Solutions, Creative Application, and Technical Skill.

The public will vote on the winners on the Huffington Post web site.

:bulletblue: The Prizes :trophy:
The top five winners of the popular vote will be named as the "Top 5 Climate Artists" of 2010 and will be:
  • Featured on the Planet Green Planet100 show.
  • Showcased at key global warming events on 10/10/10.
  • Disseminated to non-profits and the press.

Courtesy of Creative Visions Foundation, a U.S. based nonprofit organization, 3 prizes will be awarded for the three top-ranking United States Finalists selected by the Judges: (First prize $600, Second prize $350, Third prize $150).

Official Contest Rules

© 2010 - 2021 CoolClimate
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i can't wait to see the top 25 :eager: good luck everybody! :heart:
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Do you know when and where those will be posted?
flame-alchemist2002's avatar
It says on the journal public voting would happen on the Huffington Post website

Although, I can see it might take the judges a while to narrow down 20 photos since a lot of people submitted.

Most likely they will make a journal when they have decided their next round
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Time to cycle the submissions on the contest home page!
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I was very happy reading that international artists are welcome to this challange, till I read the rules. How much would it cost to send the award for any international finalist by PayPal for example? This means there will surely be NO international winners...
totally-not-crazylol's avatar
Why do you have to be over eighteen to enter?
HungryxHungryxHippos's avatar
Man. 18? I'm only a few months away. -__-
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"Due to funding restrictions, the CoolClimate Art Contest is unable to make cash awards to International finalists."

What does this even mean? If it means there aren't enough money, why not split the cash between US and International then?
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In a way this is rubbish to anyone who isn't living in the USA.
Esspecially if the first place winner isn't from the USA and therefore doesn't recieve a cash prize that perhaps a second place prize winner who is from the USA will get.
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This looked like a lot of fun until I realized writers weren't welcome. What a disappointment, though it isn't surprising by any means.
DarkNoctem's avatar
damn it, this was getting my brain going for ideas to use, then I saw the 18 bit =.=

FML for being born just under 5 months to late...
hazlenutx2's avatar
Do these have to be newly created deviations or can they be something already made?
igreeny's avatar
I see " cant be bigger then .. " but i wonder whats minimal size for it ?
Is the size for example 10"-7" 300dpi enought for all this ? Or is it to small ?
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