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How to Upload a CoolClimate Art Submission on deviantART

Step 1. Join the Group: coolclimate.deviantart.com
In order to do so, you will need to be signed into your deviantART account. If you don't yet have a deviantART account, it's simple and just takes a seconds: www.deviantart.com/join/

Step 2. Click on the "Contribute Art" button. And enter a title for your work of art. If it doesn't have a name, use "Untitled."

Step 3. Select a Category to describe what kind of art you are submitting. Choose only from the following 3 options  for your main category -- Digital Art, Photography, or Traditional Art.  We only accept submissions from those three categories:

Step 4. Make sure that the "CoolClimate" checkbox is selected, and under the "Submit to..." drop-down chose whether your submission originates from the United States or is International:

Step 5. Select the work you would like to submit. The image must be at least 400 pixels wide and 400 pixels high, and we accept file sizes up to 10 MB. In the text field please take a moment to describe the inspiration behind your piece, and below that add any descriptive keywords that apply.

Step 6. You're almost done. Just make sure "Contains Mature Content" is set to 'No' (We are not able to accept pieces that contain extreme violence or nudity).  And leave the default "Choose License" (This ensures people will not use or modify your work during the contest). Read the policy statement and click 'Submit.'

You're done! You may submit up to 3 works of art.  Note: Please do not submit your work for the print shop yet until the contest is complete.
Good luck and thank you for your submissions to the 2010 CoolClimate Art Contest!