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coloring/ shading experiment[LINEART IS NOT MINE]


its been awhile doing shading/coloring experiment. i found a great artist and got interested of his style of work. so i decided to combine it with my current style. also a little disclaimer. i do not own the lineart.  the lineart belongs to


 i just color this piece. and for the linearti just google it and download. also i also want to show you my old work.

let me know what you think of my progress  :3 thanks for taking your time for reading 

here's my work around 5-6 months ago. 

Sasha blouse by CoolBoysEnt 

and another old work a year ago

DRAWING REQUEST:  kitsune yin by CoolBoysEnt 

Moonlight Melody(with drawing video) by CoolBoysEnt  POWERHOUSE(personal manga story) by CoolBoysEnt  Natsu Fairy tail (with drawing video) by CoolBoysEnt  Dancing with the wind [with drawing video] by CoolBoysEnt 

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Such a little cutie... 
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You should always ask the artist permission before using their work, unless they specify you can in a notice or something like that.
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well  i already message the artist also the artist freely gives away the lineart with a link ^^,   
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She is so freaken adorable
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glad you like it ^^,
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You're welcome I really love that design :D
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Wow, very well done! Amazing shading really adds to the piece and makes it pop out! :D
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thank you so much ^^
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Oh I love the colouring! It looks so textured and real <3333 
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thank you so much!  glad you like it ^^,
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Dang this looks so COOL!  Great attention to detail!
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thank you burstlion ^^  i really have fun coloring this piece ^^,
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Beautiful painting! You really improved a lot.
Keep it up! Clap 
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thank you so much my friend ^^, and i will
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The difference between the peice you drew a year ago and this one are worlds apart! I hope to improve in my shading techniques as much as you have, very nicely done!
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thank you ^^ i will make more drawings. also gonna use this for  patreon. will be adding some step by step process and psd. so that everyone can study it ^^
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Cool beans :yayay: - NaNoEmo 24/30 + Plz    
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