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beware of the kitty! [another color experiment]

in a forrest there's a dangerous animal loose.    once she finds you she lets out her mighty roar.


what do you guys think? :3

unlike the other one. the lineart is mine this time

and whos next shall i draw.  i enjoy drawing cute anime girls XD

also feel free to give critic.  i need it so that i want to improve my drawings

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It's funny how you call this beware of the kitty yet she doesn't look horrifying at all. I don't think she would be terrifying if I encountered her in a dark alley. Then again, maybe that's just the joke. I have to admit, I like how cute the cat looks.

I feel like giving her a hug. Or maybe I would give her a fish. She would probably appreciate that. Maybe I'll give her some milk. Or maybe I'll just let her. That seems like the simplest thing to dol. You wouldn't happen to like cat girls by any chance, by any chance would you? I know I do.
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oh, i love alot of sorts of things. such as bunny girls, kitsune,  or cat girls  :D

as long as they look cute to me  <3
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This looks pretty good honestly. But maybe you should think about your lighting a little more? I can't really tell what direction the light is coming from. You got light on the left, right and in front. But not enough shadows on the girl in the right places to balance it out. Maybe you could add more shadows behind her would help it. More so on the "right" is whats bothering me. Because it should be more shadows, since the forest is blocking out the light there. Pull back on the lighting a bit and add a little more shadow. I think it will help your drawing come out better. Also you could add more shadow of the plants in front of the girl's arm too. Hope this helps.
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thank you so much for your critique.  i will keep that in mind.   and hopefully will do better on the next drawing XD hehe
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No problem. Glad I was able to help. Also, how were you able to set up your videos for speed paint? I'm trying to do the same thing, but mine didn't turn out as good on Youtube. What type of video editing equipment are you using? Is Vimeo really better for making videos? Also have you gotten a trademark for your business? Take care. 
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i use vegas pro and after effects.   i think vimeo and youtube are good.    nothing to do with the website.   
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Thanks for the info. Yeah I like how professional your videos look, and with good thumbnails. 
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no problem and thank you ^^
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Heya! This is a pretty nice piece of art, I mean you really captured the anime look and your coloring ability is pretty on point. On things that you could improve on: the hair/eye color doesn't really mesh that well with the background, so something you could've done is not change the color but tone it down. The contrast of the super saturated hair doesn't work that well with the desaturated background. Also while I really like the job you did on shading the body, I feel like the shading on the face and hair were too soft. Also the lighting everywhere but the hair suggests the light coming down but then the hair looks like the light is more face on. Otherwise I think that everything looks really good so good work!
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thank you for your critic :3  i will do better next time  ^^,
Looks like the younger diclonius from Elfen Lied xD
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Lovely and cute :wow:
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Nothing to Thanks ;)
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(*’∀’人)♥ nyaaa! Great job!!
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I have a sugar overdosis thanks to this drawing Mo nosebleed 
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hehe  im glad you like it ^^,
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It's so cute that drawing :D
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great lighting <3
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thank you glad you like it ^^,
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