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Yard man
I imagine if there is a God
he is just out for the morning
mowing his lawn.
While he may not try to mow
the butterflies and bees
they lurk beyond so many blades
and can he really care too much
if he shreds a few.
He's just trying to get
all his grass the same length,
and maybe if he's got the time
take out the weed wacker and
trim the edges.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 0 0
Bub and Bob
I suck in Diet Coke like oxygen.
like artificially flavored oxygen
with caramel coloring and
life giving carbonation.
Bubbles like dragons on
the Nintendo Entertainment System
that have forsaken fire
for the joy of bubbles.
Dragons always blamed
for kidnapping princesses
and devouring brave knights-
while the forgotten peasants
lie smoldering in a field.
Ashes to be spread on my forehead
by the good priest while Jesus
treks in the desert forsaking the
life giving ecstasy of bubbles
bursting from the tab of this can
in my hand.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 2 0
Haikus For Summer
Daydreams are bright orange:
Sunshine coats the day with
Devil's Paintbrush.
Breathing in Kool-Aid
my soul is stained bright cherry-
Red exuberance.
Wafting lilac breeze,
perfumed afternoon outside
watching honey bees.
Sidewalk chalk river
flowing rainbow down cement
to the greedy sewer.
The wind is haunted
by dandelion specters,
wisps of summer days.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 2 2
Wicked Sunlight
My brain is grains of sand
slowly seeping out my ear-
filling up the shoreline
of this public beach,
as root beer colored waves
glide slowly, ever closer
to my toes- basking
in the wicked sunlight.
Seagulls squawk and craw
fighting over meager bits
of potato chips and the
end of a hot dog bun,
upon a paper plate,
blown askew by the wind-
which cools my skin
beneath the burning
wicked sunlight.
Mosquitoes move around my head
hovering with lust,
craving my blood as they
buzz their attack song,
flying to my tender flesh
jabbing their terrible spears
into my bicep, ear, and neck.
They suck their pilfered lunch
through straws, all beneath
the blazing wicked light.
My hand is a lethal weapon
trained to kill on contact:
swatting furiously at my
bright red, inflamed arm
swiftly missing mosquitoes,
and bringing out massive
screams of agony
beneath the burning, blazing,
wicked sunlight.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 1 1
This Pear
This pear is pale, pale green-
cubed up and captured inside
the gelatinous embrace of
a fruity side dish,
next to the tuna salad
and the tray of vegetables-
with dill dip,
placed on top of the picnic
table my grandpa made
one summer underneath the shade
of the tree that this pear
came from.
He sawed the boards by hand
with long smooth strokes
and a firm grip,
even with arthritis.
He had a determined calm
that seemed to guide
the weather that week.
Nimbostratus storm clouds
tip toed away
when it was time to paint
the wood cardinal red.
And puffy cumulus clouds
meandered in when
I watched paint dry with him
and we ate pears like this pear,
In the fruit salad
next to the tuna and veggies
placed on top of the picnic table-
where everyone is standing around
in suits and long dark dresses
heaping food onto paper plates
that have a decorative border:
sunflowers, butterflies.
Conversations fill the air like gnats-
impossible to swat away
no matter how hard you try.
I catch out of context sente
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 0 4
The Last Poem About Hobos
Around the bend is another place exactly like this one-
only it's slightly darker and has the faint smell of autumn leaves
burning in a metal garbage can, while homeless men
with fingerless gloves cook chili in tin cans,
and talk of locomotives in a Disney caricature of poverty
that infests the very soul of the nation:
Beggars are quaint and folksy gentlemen-
Poverty instills old time charm, and a quirky personality.
And here, on the other side men huddle for warmth
in the doorways of closed downtown businesses-
Ones that have been closed for 5 or 6 months,
not 5 or 10 minutes.
One wraps himself in yesterday's newspaper-
the flimsy embrace of the sports section.
He yawns ashes, shifts his weight so the few quarters
in his stiff denim pockets don't jab
the tender pale flesh of a man
who has run out of options, and very low on friends.
Clutching the whiskey bottle tightly
he embraces for the impact of another morning.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 0 2
I Am Not Ben
A gray-haired guy slumps in his wheel chair
withered lifeless arms in his lap-
He pulls himself around with his good leg
going in circles, he's going no where.
But he's not the one screaming for help-
A woman with a walker bellows
at the top of her lungs until nurses get there
and she admits she doesn't think anything is wrong:
Just wanted some attention.
With a groan she's alone again
sauntering past your room
to try this plot again.
Oblivious, you're in bed with eyes cast skyward
blocked by a dreary water-stained ceiling-
Your blue eyes dull, like so many of your features:
gray hair, gray stubble, and faded bedsheets
a slightly bluer shade of gray-
rising a bit each time you breath in
falling as you breath out and mutter a greeting.
You call me Ben, but I am not Ben,
and I begin wondering who he could be:
A school mate from the first grade?
Or a fellow soldier in the Korean war?
What memories have stayed with you:
Do the ghosts of childhood haunt you with laughter?
Or do the nightmar
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 1 2
Writer's Block
This poem is just a paper airplane
waiting to soar across the room,
do a loop, and then crash into
the garbage can
If words were people,
this city would be
Ellipses take the place
of things which haven't yet
revealed themselves to me,
like stunt doubles
in a movie with no actors.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 1 2
Winter Blues Haikus of Love
Winter Blues Haikus 3: Haiku of Love
Bright windburned cheeks
hide behind a scarf as red.
I know you're smiling.
A snowball strikes me.
Retaliation is swift:
a tackle and kiss.
Warm breath 'gainst my lips
could cure hypothermia
when the breath is yours.
Gloves grasp together
rubbing in primal passion,
struggling for warmth.
The backyard angels
leave a glacial impression;
steal snowflake kisses.
Your love's a blizzard
covering my heart in snow.
I'll put my boots on.
I see your footprints
heading away from my house
falling snow fills them
Sultry stinging wind
pecks my cheek indifferently-
We're getting divorced.
Icicle heartbreak:
One by one they plummet down
because of lost love.
Three stacked snowy spheres:
dark coal eyes search the sky for
someone to melt with...
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 2 2
Chief Kandiyohi by cool4dude Chief Kandiyohi :iconcool4dude:cool4dude 0 2
Autumn's Rotting Body
Raking up Autumn's rotting body
bright red pieces, scattered everywhere:
Fallen leaves from sugar maple trees
Make a pile right up to your knees
take a running dive in-
nature will catch you, its so crunchy-
until it rains, and everything turns soggy
til it snows, and frost is everywhere
There's nothing to do
it's such an ugly time of year
Crows caw, with nothing else to do
the back yard isn't green anymore
it's turned into a murder scene.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 2 3
Winter Blues Haikus Part Deux
Outside, the wind howls
Winter wolves calling moonlight-
a twinkling snow waltz.
Slide down the sidewalk.
Stumble off the curb and waddle,
waddle cross the road.
The old musty scarf:
Warm and cozy but it smells
just like my grandma.
Shoveling the snow-
sweat freezes onto my face:
Frigid refreshment.
Pigeon chimney huddle-
gather warmth like bird seed,
Coo satisfaction.
Constant winter war:
Night gathers snow/day melts.
It's senseless chaos.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 1 1
Let's mix all the glorious summer memories
with sugar and put them on a stick.
Take the kick ball games,
and day-long freeze-tag tournaments
Turn them cherry flavored on our tongues-
stained deep red, like blood on scraped knees
from bicycle crashes in the alley.
And the squirt gun fights that always end
with someone breaking out the hose-
And the sand box construction crews
building castles each day
(despite guaranteed collapse)
And the sprinkler dances on the hottest
August days,
And the staged sword fights with dead
tree branches
And the swinging, and the sliding,
of course the teeter-tottering-
lets turn it all to candy in our mouths.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 10 8
The Forth
Lets shoot fireworks at the heavens
and wake up god from his sleep tonight
with bright colors and booming explosions
a pretty way to say
"see, this is what we are doing
with your creation, blowing it up
and isn't it cool as hell?"
isn't this a fantastic metaphor
the beauty of destruction
Yes, tonight lets make the sky so bright
you have to sheild your eyes,
with rumbling booms so loud it shakes the ground
and moves to your legs, up your body,
then inside vibrating your vital organs-
making your heart-beat erratic
for a thrilling moment or two
Tonight lets burn all the clouds
make the angels dive off
sparkling to the ground as they fall
through the lingering smoke
before fading to a staggering darkness
and the onlooking crowd nervously waits
for the good lord to retaliate
but all that echoes in the aftermath
is silence, for a few seconds
then cheers of victory from the masses
a weak sonic blast compared to the
flashes preceded, but at least
we all finally seem united
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 2 6
These Magic Moments
Sometimes at night
the moon explodes
behind me into hallowed shards:
A zirconium snow
that falls to the earth
and graces the ground with
glittering purity,
until I turn around-
Then all I see is a drunk guy
pissing in my front yard.
He sways back and forth
and mumbles something about
government as urine splashes
against the grass and dandelions,
and I wonder, do I approach him?
Speak up and stop the madness?
No. Some moments are meant to happen
and become nothing more than a memory-
a memory that will stick with me forever
but for this random stranger,
all that will remain
are shoes with a piss aroma
from a night drenched in moonshine.
:iconcool4dude:cool4dude 2 19
The Motha Fuckin P-O-P-E by cool4dude The Motha Fuckin P-O-P-E :iconcool4dude:cool4dude 1 22

Random Favourites

Tremble shake fall
tremble, shake, fall to your knees
gravity begins to pull you down
suck it up sweetheart
tell me why you feel so cold?
you ask yourself, is life that bad?
keep walking down that street
it\'s dark and you\'re alone
The black ashphalt scuffs once white shoes
The stain of anger spreads
nagging, itching at the back of your mind
and the minute it all seems real
something slips and you regress
You fall back lurching towards the world you run from
full of nicotine lies
permeated by the stench of false niceties
and a clouded conscience
What can brighten your dark smile,
or bring life to deadened eyes
how can you search for your truths
walking head down with eyes closed
Can you tell me what holds you to this earth?
Is it a memory feeting yet tangible,
that reminds you of better times?
or a single fading wisp of love.
Your life\'s scribe is almost out of ink
trying to keep those last few drops from evaporating
in this furnace of a heart
as you burn from the inside out
salty tears run down a flus
:iconmaakia:maakia 1 3
Prelude To Sanity
The way of the world,
The weight of the world,
The waiting for the world to end,
Apocalypse, Collagen lips, Lipstick,
Stick with it, Write with it, Wrong with it,
Wrong turn, Gotta learn, Learning is fun,
Fundamentally flawed,
Floored from a knockout blow,
Blow pipe, Blow fish, Go fish, Make a wish,
Wishing you all a merry christmas, crispness,
Witness, Necessary evil, Necessary weevil,
Weebles wobble but they don't fall down,
Down and out, Out today? Out to play,
Play to win, Winter play, Play on words,
Word up, Shut up, Upset, Up and down,
Upsydaisy, Daisy chain, Chain of command,
Commander, Commandeer, Hand it over,
Overpower, Overvalued, Overrated,
Understated, Understand, Underhand,
Handsome, Somewhat vain, Somewhat veiny,
Old and grainy, Old like granny,
Remember nanny, Nanny goat, Nanny stoat, Lovely coat,
Coat of paint, Painted face, Tainted face,
Face lift, Goods lift, God's lift, Lift your spirits,
Spiritualise, Spiritual eyes,
:iconrealfunfuneral:realfunfuneral 4 12
Etrange Tunnel by protox Etrange Tunnel :iconprotox:protox 72 96 battle with the mirror by melancolly battle with the mirror :iconmelancolly:melancolly 2 3 dead series 8 by suzi9mm
Mature content
dead series 8 :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 1,592 1,317
erotic electric heartbeat
(erotic) electric heartbeat
trust in your fallibility
fall into surreality
undermine yourself
organize, mesmerize
subtle symbolism
exploding, barely asleep
your life\'s wide awake
so obscene, dyslexic
thought processes
begin, memories undress,
exposing your drifting
sins, revealing frailty
and fear of physical
enlightenment, never
reaching the climax of
existence, sexual nirvana,
waking in kinetic shades
and layers,
we never end,
we never end,
we never end,
we never end,
we never end,
pulsing to the
blinking erotic
we never end
:iconfireflycatcher:fireflycatcher 1 2
Changed by strangledbyart Changed :iconstrangledbyart:strangledbyart 2 11 My Deam sequence by mrianna My Deam sequence :iconmrianna:mrianna 1 3 As cold as silence 2 by lostgirl As cold as silence 2 :iconlostgirl:lostgirl 2,907 649 rays of reflection by ssilence rays of reflection :iconssilence:ssilence 43,109 4,378
Photograph of a Democracide
A white hand on a black arm
Reaches forth as if to grasp
With brilliant fingers outstretched.
Nothing is attained:
No reward for patience,
No sum of currency,
No fruit of tree or vine.
Just a dull satisfaction
Worn away by years
Of shaving one's face with it.
All of this could be held
As irrelevant
(Or held to one's throat).
Truth hurts more than lies
And cliches sound better
Before they're written down.
This is the way things must be.
Since there is no advance made
By bickering tirelessly to a corpse,
I will rest my case for now,
And sulk in solitude.
There I will cry like a mountain.
In my feeble abode,
I will study flaccid masterworks
And contemplate fallacy.
Upon rising the next day,
The sun will explode the sky
Into a canvas of painful colors
And boring shadows.
After sixteen cups of coffee
And an armload of lotion,
Consciousness will stagger dismally,
Seeking asylum from wretched insinuations.
God and Satan will simultaneously gasp,
Overcome by the sheer mass of human stupidity
:iconfeedkillchain:feedkillchain 5 16
Below the Rust by zancan Below the Rust :iconzancan:zancan 28,112 2,625 Pink Sunrise by roen Pink Sunrise :iconroen:roen 2 9 No Real Feelings Just Lies by c0rebug No Real Feelings Just Lies :iconc0rebug:c0rebug 3 5


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fireworks 5 by B4LU fireworks 5 :iconb4lu:B4LU 2 1 freddy - the climb by -freddy freddy - the climb :icon-freddy:-freddy 342 51 Silly Fact No42 by Windy999 Silly Fact No42 :iconwindy999:Windy999 29 87 My To-Do List by huang My To-Do List :iconhuang:huang 1,910 500 Andrew Lenahan Snowbound by starblind Andrew Lenahan Snowbound :iconstarblind:starblind 34 133 Ophelia Drowns by kittynn Ophelia Drowns :iconkittynn:kittynn 6,194 1,578 call of the space siren by jasinski call of the space siren :iconjasinski:jasinski 1,329 173 As cold as silence 2 by lostgirl As cold as silence 2 :iconlostgirl:lostgirl 2,907 649


So I don't really post here anymore, but occasionally I still sign in and check up on things. Hope all you guys that see this are doing well.


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So I don't really post here anymore, but occasionally I still sign in and check up on things. Hope all you guys that see this are doing well.


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