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Meadow of the Drifloons by Cool-Poochyena Meadow of the Drifloons by Cool-Poochyena
Absols often appear to forewarn against disaster, this legend inspired the following story. A young boy named Sune would always play out in the feilds with his poochyena, often playing tag and chasing bugs. His mother, always concerned about his wellbeing, always had her loyal delphox watch over him for extra safety. One day while on his way to the meadow he saw an absol staring at him with burning forewarning. Sune was at first startled at the strange figure, but continued on his way paying little heed to the creature. Two more times it appeared to him as he ran along the path, still he ignored it. The delphox however had lived many years and knew that absols are harbringers of disaster, and thus tried to warn his master's son. The foolish boy did not listen, running ahead with his poochyena at his heels. Winded and tried, the aging creature rested under the shade of a knarled tree, falling deeply into slumber. As Sune skipped through the meadow he saw colorful purple creatures desend from the heavens, playfully waving their opened tassels. Not thinking, he put his hands out to touch the seemingly friendly creatures. Suddenly the true motives of these spirits was revealed and he was dragged into the air by the sinister pokemon. His screams did not reach the ears of the slumbering delphox, and he was whisked away never to be seen again.

Stupid "Poke-horror" story, so cheesy...
Damon-Cassada Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah, Drifloon, the Slenderman of the Pokémon world, with its many tentacled, stringy arms, sometimes pale body, and faceless...
Yeah, I've got nothing either.
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July 24, 2014
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