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Friends Past and Present by Cool-Poochyena Friends Past and Present by Cool-Poochyena
For a contest on Colors!3D, hosted by Elaive. This scene depicts Zion encountering the white snake (his future friend) for the first time, shortly after the disaster with his tribe. Though he does not fully know it, the white snakes reminds him of his lost friend Laria. In the past she always wore a fragment of pale shed snake skin for good luck, as her aunt always told her that the remains of albino creatures would ward off foul spirits. Laria always had a personal fascination with reptiles and snakes, as cubs Zion and her would explore trying to find or discover new kinds of reptiles (much to the angst and disappointment of the others in the tribe). The way I see it, Zion subconscious has connected the sight of a pale snake to his diseased friend. It's like someone making a connection to a certain song to something or someone to their past, without knowing it. You may really like cherry-soda without knowing why, not knowing that it reminds you of your grandmother who used to love cherry-soda. I personally wanted to do an entry that connected both to Zion's past and present, and applying a deep meaning to why he is the way he is and how his past defined him. Hope you like it!

(All Characters belong to Elaive, credit to her)
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June 16, 2014
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