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Ribby the Frog by Cool-Poochyena Ribby the Frog :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 2 Lykaos Reference Sheet by Cool-Poochyena Lykaos Reference Sheet :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 1 0 Halloween CreepyPasta: Soft Blood by Cool-Poochyena Halloween CreepyPasta: Soft Blood :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 3 0 Nix Hound by Cool-Poochyena Nix Hound :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 2 1 Commission Concept 2 by Cool-Poochyena Commission Concept 2 :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 0 Ridge by Cool-Poochyena Ridge :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 0 Concepts For Commission by Cool-Poochyena Concepts For Commission :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 0
Details And Potential Examples
Good evening, if you are reading this then you are being considered for a very special commission with Cool-Poochyena! This here will give you some VERY helpful basics and ideas, so please do use this as a guide.
PLEASE also refer to the other references and works in this portfolio gallery...
In basic summary, the commission itself is to create a picture/colored-sketch of Moderator Sochi in the style of WWII plane art but with a much more futuristic/anime twist.
When it comes to the style of the picture itself, I do not mean that you should make it grainy and have clashing bad colors and lines like some WWII era squadron logo. It's actually a futuristic pic that takes inspiration from WWII plane art of the past, so it should be done like any modern art with no worry about making it vintage or stylized 
Also I do not mean that it MUST be anime-like in style, I just mean to use some of  the styles
:iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 0
XE-Thylacine 4 (Canon Down) by Cool-Poochyena XE-Thylacine 4 (Canon Down) :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 0 XE-Thylacine 3 (Back Engines) by Cool-Poochyena XE-Thylacine 3 (Back Engines) :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 0 XE-Thylacine 2 (Canon Down) by Cool-Poochyena XE-Thylacine 2 (Canon Down) :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 0 XE-Thylacine 1 by Cool-Poochyena XE-Thylacine 1 :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 1 0 Moderator Sochi Improved Reference 1 by Cool-Poochyena Moderator Sochi Improved Reference 1 :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 1 0 Moderator Sochi by Cool-Poochyena Moderator Sochi :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 1 0 'The Mooning' Sample Book Cover by Cool-Poochyena 'The Mooning' Sample Book Cover :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 0 0 Flipnote 3D Is Coming Soon! by Cool-Poochyena Flipnote 3D Is Coming Soon! :iconcool-poochyena:Cool-Poochyena 1 1


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Over the next couple of weeks I'll be posting the script for the "Lost FURR Episode" which was unable to be published before Flipnote Studio shut down. Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated and welcomed

The following is not technically part of the story, but instead an "overview" of past episodes to get everyone caught up to date

The Story So Far......

The white cat sat on the front porch of the clubhouse staring at the stars above, the light of the waning moon reflecting off of his light-blue eyes. He was deep in thought and contemplating what was soon to come, the anticipation had been keeping him up for quiet some time. In a few hours, when the morning sun arose, he and his companions would pack their bags and leave on their all-payed-for vacation. It was only a few weeks ago or so that Loki, the mischievous raccoon with a bizarre moral-code of self-contradictory rules, came to them with an offer. Loki told them that his family was having a family reunion and that he could not bare going there alone, seeing as he claimed to be the family black-sheep. This year's family reunion was said to be taking place on Loki's brother's private island, and the raccoon had hinted that it was some sort of resort that was being kept "top-secret" from the public until it's "official opening". Why it was so "top-secret", Loki did not say. It was at this time that Loki stoked his brother's ego and convinced him to host an official tournament on a popular Massive Online Multiplayer Game with a fantasy theme. Whomever was able to fight their way through a daunting dungeon and slay a monstrous beast first would receive "an exclusive all-payed-for sneak-peek of the island resort". From the very beginning Loki had planned to "rig" the contest and get someone who he knew to win, in order that he would not have to go to the family reunion alone and be mocked. It was here that Moonflash, Raphael, Mask, Scarf, Fushia, and Sora agreed to try to help him out and enter the contest. What followed was a cliche fantasy mini-adventure to journey to the dungeon and slay the monster, along the way procuring the help of another player named "Paula Paradis". Needlessly to say they were able to win the contest and thus win tickets to both the island resort and the family reunion of Loki. Moonflash secretly wondered what bizarre misadventure would await them this time, seemed like every-time they tried do go somewhere weird things would occur. On some days it would be more mild, such as buying a large mega-sized cup of cola at a gas-station or figuring out what to name their club. Some days more bizarre things might occur, such as having the electricity in the house fixed only to cause the television to go absolutely haywire. However, some times things would go absolutely off-the-rails and all heck would break loose. They'd try to go to a museum only for a bunch of parasites to be unleashed, they'd go on a bizarre journey into a nightmarish dimension of eternal twilight and getting their deepest wishes granted only for Moonflash to find that it was all a dream. They'd try to go on a tropical vacation only to accidentally be transformed into tiny little "pocket monsters", forced into tiny little red balls, stuffed digitally into a computer, and then escape only to find that they're several hundred years in the future. If that wasn't bad enough they then were informed by a brainwashed Loki in a cheesy old-man costume that a greedy company had stolen the rights to their life story and that they had made a horribly cliche show and theme park about their lives and adventures. Even more crazier was the fact that all of this was caused because Loki in the past had destroyed some time-crystal and turned some weird time-dragon evil, and that the only way they can set things right is to go back into the past and win some costume-contest at a convention in order to receive the magic-crystal thing that they needed to stop the other Loki in the past from creating a time-paradox (confusing isn't it?). Needless to say this resulted in the past Loki being turned to ashes and future Loki to be completely brainwashed and a total "goodie-two-shoes" that everyone (including the fans) disliked. Things got completely bizarre when later on Fushia announced that she was getting married to some CEO of a bio-weapons research company, though it all bizarrely turned out to be a weird fake ploy to bring "old Loki" back while at the same time trying to reunite two lost lovers who were both fan-favorites for some reason (look even I thought the episode was freaking bat-poop-insane!). Suddenly Moonflash was jolted from his thoughts at the sound of a loud crash inside the clubhouse, he wondered what it was. For a few minutes all that could be heard was the sound of the wind in the trees. Perhaps it was the cheerful Raphael, trying to make a midnight snack only to meet some grisly demise in the kitchen (again for the thousandth time). Seems like the dark grey and white tabby was always caught in a constant cycle of "biting-the-dust" only to come back fine the next day. Perhaps it was Scarf, the goofy salmon colored cat probably slipped on one of his scarfs and broke a vase. Perhaps it was the grey cat Mask, she probably was trying on yet another GIR hat and accidentally broke a mirror. Perhaps it was Fushia, the fox may have been snarking once again and caused the very windows to shatter from the pure sarcasm in her voice. Then again, it could have been the wolf cub Sora, trying to get a glass of milk in the kitchen. Most unrealistically of all was the scenario that it was Moonflash himself, accidentally breaking a bottle of C0ca-C0la. How would that be possible if he himself was sitting on the porch this entire time? Unless.... The door swung open and Moonflash could clearly see a white cat walking out of the door, to his horror Moonflash released that he was not Moonflash at all! He looked in a mirror to see that he had been Loki the raccoon this entire time! Moonflash screamed and awoke in a cold-sweat, his eyes darting around the room. When he realized it was just a nightmare he calmly calmed himself down, his heart still beating. As he lay there he thought about what would soon happen the next morning: whatever was going to happen next, he knew, was going to be VERY weird and bizarre.......


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Hello visitor! The name's Cool-Poochyena, of course you probably already guessed that. You may or may not of already seen my work on "Colors!" or Flipnote Hatena, if you have then congrats to you! I'm former co-creator of the Flipnote Hatena series FURR, current founder of the series Phantom In The Summer, and expert of the bizzare and strange. I focus on a drawing style I like to call the ''Farron Style'' which is based on light brush strokes and base-to-eye drawing. Please tell me what you think of my paintings and drawnings, as I put a lot of time into them. If you have seen my work before on Hatena, please note that many of my characters will now look closer to what I always imagined them to be, no longer limited by color limitations or other factors. Of course the previous sentence is a bit ironic because I have not yet posted any pictures of my characters from Hatena, only the ones from Colors!-3D...........


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