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graffiti wall

a wall with political graffiti in Guelph,Ontario
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Nice graffiti. Good message.

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We still haven't learned, apparently.
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So true!!!! YES!
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Eleven years before Trump...
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Trump isn't the first and (hopefully) not the last (because I really don't want apocalyptic bioSphere collapse or Nuclear death from rich assholes playing with missiles..
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It gave a wide grin for the rest of the day.
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Whoever wrote this deserves a crowd of applause.
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Wow, really true, I can vote Nobody... 
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I've had people flip out on me, telling me I have no right to bitch about our government because I only voted once (and regretted it even though my guys mostly won), screaming until it echoes through the streets. Next time, my card will go something like this:
President: Homer Simpson
Senator: Peter Griffin
Governor: Bruce Wayne
Mayor: Adam West

At least they can't bash me for not voting, lol.
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I'd vote for nobody......Oh wait! I already am.
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Looks like slender man is running for office
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This is what I love about graffiti. 
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Love it. Your own work?
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I´m gonna make a stencil of this, damn right! How didn´t I see this before? It´s so obvious.
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Definitely Guelph graffiti, lol!
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This is truth because "the government" really do not care and its sad. Our votes are wasted because they already have choosen who will do what. Everything is already in place people are so blind its crazy to see how many people who have not "Open" their eyes.~JA.M.z23~
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Yep. this is pretty much my political philosophy.
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nobody tells the truth...jajajaj....great
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