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Waffles and Goulash

So here they are. Two of the new characters that will appear in the new Peaches & Cream book. Both are people that work alongside Peaches at the diner and they're both pretty different guys. Waffles is one of the waiters and Goulash is a er~ cook/chef/waiter/whatever needs to be done.

When drawing them I imagined it as if they were standing next to each other at a bus stop. There really wouldn't be any kind of conversation going since Waffles is kinda too shy to start a conversation and Goulash tends to not say anything unless its needed. They've probably never had a conversation by themselves. < X D

Maybe at some point I'll finish this up and make a finalized image of them actually at a bus stop. Awkwardness is fun. :3

Later all~
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Lol this story never happened did it they never got a part in one of you story's lol and I should now...well I so know lol
OceanxThexHusky's avatar
i hope its soon soon
music-ninja's avatar
I smell yaoi? <:3
novaking's avatar
Goulash looks like me (in the way he dresses)
toadking07's avatar
Woah, really cool characters! Really like their characteristics and look! Nice work!
EchoTheEchidna's avatar
His tail looks delicious.
SugarPunkin's avatar
whats with all the waffle love?
i mean hes adorable!!! but i like the idea of quiet and uncomfortable instead of a pushover.

So I Gotta love GOULASH!
foxlee's avatar
Waffles! XD These guys are seriously cute. I like pairs of characters who contrast heavily.
goulash... sounds painfull but sweet
Yay, new characters!
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I like the little hat that Goulash wears.
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Funny Characters. May i ask a quiestion that Gulasch is a charakter that he has some hungarian taste, or i mean he has some hungarian blood in his weins. Becasuse his sarkastic look, and his hat is very like some friend i know in hungary :D

and Gulasch is very like Gulyás in hungary, that word means 2 things in my country,
first meaning is a traditional meal in this country, and the second meaning
is a men who's job is tho herd sheep, the men who's responsible for the herd.

Great Work!
Aruman's avatar
I'm more Waffles myself.
AzureAlight's avatar
they are cute! i especially like waffles.
waterisHARDCORE's avatar
wow they seem different than the other characters especially Goulash with his retro look and skinny legs he reminds me of Both Lupin from Lupin the third and Spike from cowboy bebbop =^.^=
ChrisHolm's avatar
Are they gonna "Do It?"
They look like they would in that weird yaoi type of way. Not that I'd look forward to that, it's just that's how they, you know. ok, I'll shut up now.
Domrack's avatar
Waffles is cute
Nadesican's avatar

You realize we now need a character we can make syrup jokes about, right?
evaYabai's avatar
I love them both <3
but especially waffles is one of those characters I'll like most
evaYabai's avatar
I love them both <3
but especially waffles is one of those characters I'll like most
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sorry for double post....;_;##
firefox kinda hates me...|D
sharkbyte3827's avatar
These are some great looking characters, their attire and animal choice seem to really fit with their character profile

I like the animal choice you have for Waffles, a beaver no less XD that's just comicaly brilliant.
What I like mose about your characters are their names. They're so simple and unique it's hard not to love the characters.
Gamafort's avatar
I do love how all your characters are named after corresponding food XD

I LOVE Waffles' tail too! :lmao: (always the quiet ones you have to keep an eye on, right?) I'd like to see some more proper pics of these guys! :D
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