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Jam’s nemesis Raspberry. Hmm… wonder why art of her is showing up? Sure is a mystery. :3

Anywho, just some for fun Ask Jam art. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my Patreon I was able to take the time out to make stuff for Ask Jam like this and it means the world!

Hope you’re all having a safe and happy holiday season out there!



Now a word from Jam:

Jam: What is this nonsense Vega?! D : < She should be appearing… in the garbage! That’s where!
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Jam as garden fairy Jam the garden fairy by nfhas
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So many broken hearts. How could anyone take pleasure from such cruelty?
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You have some lovely characters I must say
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sorry, Jammy, but, Vega is freaking hot~
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Tasty! :D She's lovely. :)
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Yeah, can't imagine why she's showing up. XD That being said, it's a shame she's kind of an arrogant bitch. She's very, very pretty. I agree with everyone else, though, Jam is cuter!
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Oooh! *nose bleeds* Nice picture.. Heheh
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It's a mystery to everyone.
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Raspberry?! OH BOY! Jam, good luck with this one! I think I've fainted. 
Nicely done though! Heart 
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She's coming to the comic xD
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Jam looks cuter but Raspberry is Sexier :P
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this is awesome !
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This character looks really nice and lovely in this picture you've done for sure. :meow:
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My family loves your style.
=D :+fav:
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And yet Jam is still cuter... 
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beautiful and cute :)
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imagine running with those bouncing all OVER the place!
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