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Isabelle's New Hire

By CookingPeach

In our hearts… we all knew she could never squish roach-friend.

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elijahish771's avatar
Do you what’s weird? In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, when you leave your town and arrive at a friends town, there’s another Isabelle. Why’s there multipule Isabelles?!
SirArceon's avatar
...Yup.  This is completely in-character for her.

But I still don't like roaches, I'm sorry.
Akuru-Kougasaki's avatar
No because she'll let the book do all the work :)
Beau-Skunk's avatar
Hehe this one is cute. I can see her being all overly nice like that.
MattX125's avatar
Fate worth than death........... labor!  XD
GamerStunner27's avatar
lol she should just keep it as a pet like in any AC Game.
Ace-Catel's avatar
...Okay...*thumbs up*
bubbles46853's avatar
ISABELLE!!!!!  Why is everything you do so gosh-darn adorable?!?!
Imperial-Gasmask's avatar
Why is this so believable? 
Whyita's avatar
That's adorable! Squishing it wouldn't have worked anyway XD
Wanderer619's avatar
This is too cute x3
StarRion20's avatar
hehehe... Nice Work on The Comic. ^_^
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
I wish that could be a thing... I'd love a cockroach assistant.
GyroGun's avatar
Cute, but was she really just about to stomp on it barefoot? O.o
TwistedToonTaylor's avatar
That may have played a part in why she decided to keep it as a pet.~
RealYellowYoshi's avatar
Also, I never really played Animal Crossing before. Are roaches really a thing in the game?
striker0's avatar
You can find them.
RealYellowYoshi's avatar
This is hilariously cute. xD
beastassasin's avatar
That's a big roach.
K4nK4n's avatar
Is that a roach or a coffee bean? Heheh. Adorable comic. :heart:
NoobSaibot17's avatar
*sniff* This is too damn cute...:iconcrycryplz:
Lucario2008's avatar
I didn't favorite this one?! SILLY ME! (Clicks FAV button!)
Also, I'm currently playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf! How ironic!
Still, awesome comic work and yes, Isabella is an awesome assistant!
ZEB31's avatar
damn she is too innocent
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