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Ask Jam ep 47

By CookingPeach
Jam: Berry is the best~

Plum: Now I wanna eat stickers… *feels confused*

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ViolaVelocity's avatar
Now this is just too cute and giggle-worthy. ^.^
AnAdminNamedPaul's avatar
I shall fund this whale!
*threw money at screen. Nothing happens*

Marzipanzers's avatar
The purple one reminds me of Teemo! :iconhappyteemoplz:
Fairy-Seraphim's avatar
I'm completely imagining that thing making a Barney Gumble burp. Seriously, just imagine it:…
Toothpaze's avatar
Where can i get one?

allisonkristine's avatar
I absolutely love this it is so cute!
BloodyEye's avatar

tee hee hee! cute! wish I had good smelling burp toys.


Ceirque's avatar
Haha. That's cute in a weird way. XD
Frostfauna's avatar
Alright, that's it, I gotta comment on it now. I could really see a similar scene happening between Lilo and Stitch. Lilo as Jam and Stitch as Plum. This is just too freaking adorable.
PainofLego's avatar
Miu, you need to be in the toy design business, both for kids lines, and for adult toys. You come up with the greatest stuff.

I would so get that for a younger cousin of mine. He's not into cute and cuddly, but that boy can't resist a good blech. That Berry Burpy whale would be a great toy. 
Lucario2008's avatar


Also, awesome line, Plum!

"Do it again. I think I'm starting to taste it!"

honeypancake's avatar
this is cute! >.<
jennifibber's avatar
This is way too cute. >w<
MomotsukiNezumi's avatar

Wow....can I get one of those fruit plushies? And can it's burps smell like bergamot oranges, please?

I like the response to that burp: "Do it again, I think I'm starting to taste it." XD

ShrapnelShark's avatar
Ok i wanna a Berry Burpy,Thats just cute.
Wolfdrums19's avatar
Now if that isn't cute I don't know what is.
Senpeye's avatar
Wait, they exist? 0_0
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