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Ask Jam Episode 72

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Cream: Workin’ hard on the right look for Sunny Side Month Con!

Cream: Also, maybe I can fly.

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I don't know which ones the best! Beehive, awesomely retro, Curvy, is seductive in a way, (H)Airplane, is just epic
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The mighty Hairplane dogfights the Luftwaffle!
EEEEOOOWWW! Munch! Munch! Much!
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Luxurious Curls are best!!!
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How about bird swings?
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She looks great
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Hahaha Hairplane XD :D
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I am completely for Hairplane ONLY on the condition that Peaches does something Leslie Nelson related with Cream.
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the curls really do emphasize her beauty, but you just gotta enjoy the siliness of the Hairplane XD
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That airplane reminds me of Grevil from Gosick
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...I can just imagine her flying with her airplane hair with a "I-don't-give-a-shit" kind of expression on her face, arms crossed

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Awwwwww cuuuute > u <
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Aren't they ponytails?  Pigtails are the braided ones, no?
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A ponytail is a single one on the back of the head, pigtails are two on each side of the head. (although both versions can be braided too it's most common to not have them braided)
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So odd.  Over here we called the non-braided ones "ponytails" and the braided ones "pigtails".
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I live in sweden so I don't really know much about the us, haha.
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Oh, that's all right. :laughing:  Didn't know y'all called them ponytails and pigtails over there too. :D
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We really don't, we call them "hästsvans" which literally means "horsetail" and it goes for the unbraided ones both double and regular. If they're braided we just call them braids. 
The part with pigtails and ponytails is just what I've picked up in english class and the internet over the years. c:
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Oh. : P  So, it is the same as I see it, minus the pigtails.  Hmm, sounds like how people think a tomato is a vegetable when it's actually a fruit. :laughing:
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And that bananas are berries, haha
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I pretty much stopped at luxurious curls and said, "yup, that's the winner!"

...then I saw the Hairplane. I almost died.
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