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A little more ambitious with this one. It didn't quite turn out how I wanted, but oh well. Hope you enjoy regardless.
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Nicely done, she's my favorite~!

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Who else is ogling at this? Too hot!

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Uh oh, chi buildup, now she has to get rid of it somehow! Can't go on stealth missions else her cheeks will clap too loud.

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Can you do this separately or break the transformation sequence apart? You know, like frame by frame or something like that, just like what you did with the Raven Gif. This was going a bit too fast for me.

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What I like most is that he didn't dodi the same mistake as other butt expansions do: inflating he butt and nothing more. Being realistic with this unrealistic fantasy expansion legs and basically the belly will grow as its butt does , a breast expansion after that and both would make it an weight gain or just hourglass expansion as the arms should grow and the face would become a bit chubby too unless hourglass ofc

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Uhh... Is at least this supposed to be an aged up version?
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I don't know how or why this is happening, but it's quite an embarrassing sight. This animation seems better than the one of Raven. Probably because it's faster. Still I think this could have been sped up a little more.

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Either this is water bending or air bending.

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This is just perfect and I love it!

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I love when growing assets ripping off pants or skirts in pieces. Keep going making like this.Thumbs Up

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Loving the recent animations, keep it up!

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Is there a frame by frame?

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I say you should try kuvira next :)

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Ty Lee: Sometimes I wish guys wouldn't stare in my chest
Azula: *Idea*
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Didnt know I needed this. Thanks!

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i would hope shes of age in this gif

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Gonna be hard for her to move around with that butt now >:D

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Love Ty Lee, think it looks great! I hope you do other fire nation girls.

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Magnificent ass

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