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After seeing nillemotes' last journal with her emotes submitted in 2009 I wanted to try doing the same. I realized that I often forget about my emotes and don't look back at them after they're submitted so I enjoyed looking through them again now :giggle:

I haven't submitted that many emotes this year compared to 2008 though... so I'm also including stamps and avatars that contain emotes :paranoid:

Ninja glomp by CookiemagiK Ninja vs Pirate by CookiemagiK Pretty landmine by CookiemagiK Llama Specz avatar by CookiemagiK

Rescue mission by CookiemagiK Dr. Specz collector's item by CookiemagiK llamacopter by CookiemagiK

llama cancan by CookiemagiK Ultimate combo by CookiemagiK Rock the world entry by CookiemagiK

Cheerleader by CookiemagiK Specz plushie by CookiemagiK Play time by CookiemagiK

.... D:

noxiousone avatar by CookiemagiK ice cream van by CookiemagiK MayModelStock avatar by CookiemagiK

Harmonies by CookiemagiK Llama brigade by CookiemagiK

Irene stamp by CookiemagiK

FireOpal14 avatar by CookiemagiK Super volley revamp revamp by CookiemagiK steph1254 avatar by CookiemagiK

.... D:

digital-artists stamp by CookiemagiK

If you're planning on doing something similar then send nillemotes a note and she may feature you! :dummy: See her journal for details.


In other news.. I have now finished packing my stuff, charged my camera, DS and mp3 player, and found my long lost sunglasses! 8-)
I am ready to enter the land of Californians. :la:

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may not be as much but they're still AWESOMENESS!!!!
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Your work is so full in perfection, I want to weep happy tears. :iconhappycrynod:
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haha thank you Gaby ^____^
OorusevenFiibaa7777's avatar
You sir, are teh pwn.
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Hmmm, should I?
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What DS games do you have?
CookiemagiK's avatar
I have all of them! :dummy:
(R4 ;p)
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Oh noes Huge Dr. Specz play time is back! :noes:
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Oh I'm even inspired by your list and tried the emoticion way, and it's going quite well. It's less work than I expected ^^
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Don't forget yor superstarness as well! c;
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You is awesome!

I hope you like it in California ^_^
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:ninjaglomp: is still my all time favourite! I laughed SO hard when I first saw it, and I still laugh. :iconninjaglompplz:
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