RMS Winners! :D

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:iconcheerplz: The time has come to announce the winners! :iconcheerplz:



Thanks everyone for entering. All the entries were just awesome and picking a winner was not easy D: I was also really suprised by how many great emote animators there still are out there :la: So I will definitely be holding more contests like this! Now lets get to the good part!

:excited: by CookiemagiK WINNERS! :excited: by CookiemagiK

:clap: YAAAAY! CLAP NOW! :clap:


Don't forget to check out their galleries too! :eager:

And I would like to thank my 2 mystery judges: Synfull and mintyy for helping me pick the winners! :hug:

I'll be contacting the winners and the donators about prizes and stuff soon! :dummy:

Sad community?
It looks like a lot of the older emoticonists feel like the emote community is... falling apart? :( I've seen a lot of journals of that popping up lately. If you are a new emoticonists you may not understand what all the fuss is about, but I guess the community was a lot more closer and a more friendlier place a few years back than it is now. Take a look at this journal if you want to know more or want help put more life into the community: synfull.deviantart.com/journal… . Thanks! :la:

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*puts life into the community*
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:la: yay for the winner!!
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Amazing entries everyone!

Congrats to the winners! :heart:
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OMG AWESOME, CONGRATS TO EVERYONE WHO ENTERED AND CAME 2ND/3RD PLACE! And a big well done to the winner jamal1!!! :clap:

Arghhhh if you make another contest I'll defo enter it :noes: can't believe I didn't have time for this one!!!
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I will make another one soon! :eager:
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Yay, Congrats :boogie:
I will feature them in my next journal :dummy:
or i will recycle an old Journal, which will be my featuring Journal :iconponderplz:
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YAY! THANKS KRISSI! :icondummywooplz:
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Congrats to the winners :clap: they made unbelievable work, and original revamp mostly Mr-Jaunty's one who made a earth explode :strong: this is so cool! next time i'll do my best to make something good as they did :#1:
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I loved them all :D Yours was very original :giggle: Hope to see you next time too!
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logged on this morning and was like wtf :omg: holly shit i actually won :icondummywooplz:
thanks to all the judges for picking my entry as the winner :excited:
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I woke up early in the morning and found out that I won, yay. Thanks everyone for the support. :iconlawooplz:
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Thank you (and also for the watch) :la:
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:clap: woo, the first prize winner was totally my fav~! :dummy:

and I see you're b-day is 1 day from now :meow: happy b-day~! :hug:
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Awesomesauce! :woohoo:

I'm sorry I couldn't join your contest :(. But I'll give them pretteh prizes :la:.
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Thanks for donating Marjo! :hug:
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