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P R O J E C T , I S , N O W , C L O S E D !

closed, closed, closed!!! D:

Thank you everyone who participated and helped out! :>


HERE IT IS!!11!11
Choo choo Express Project by CookiemagiK

( Edit: FAQ has been updated )

Ok yeah I know the name is like olololol :iconexcitedplz: ... but lookie here.

The basic idea of this project is that we start off with the front part of the train (the ENGINE :D ) , and the entries will be the carts! You can either pixel your own cart, or download a cart template and make something with that before you send it in. Of course we'll need some emotes in there as well (but you can make some other pixelly things instead if you want) =p

So time to take a look at the RULES:

- Entries can either be static or animated.
- Static entries must be submitted as a gif or png.
- Animated entries must be submitted as gif.
- There is no size limit, but try not to make anything too big.

Those are the basic rules, but read on! There could be more rules hiding below :fear:

I want anyone,(who likes,) to be able to submit something here, so I am giving three different ways to submit an entry, ranging from easy to not-so-easy :

1. Static entry:
All you need to do here is download this cart template here:…
pick a cart and draw in your awesome emotes and stuff, and upload it to DeviantArt as a gif or a png (and let me know by sending me a note or comment or something) .

2. Animated entry:
What you do here is download this animated cart template here:…
pick a cart and draw in and animate your awesome emotes and stuff, and upload it to Deviant Art as a gif. If you have a program that makes it hard to work on animated templates, just download the static template:… and animate on that. There is no frame limit or fixed number of frames So go crazy! :lol: The frame rate will be automatically set to 0.07s when I place in your entry.

3. Pixel entry:
This is the option I'm hoping that most people will choose! Here you start from scratch, and make something awesome to hook on that train! It can be a really cool train cart or it can be Godzilla on roller-skates! I don't care what it is, if you think something like that can be hooked on a train then go ahead! :#1:
Oh! and the sky! Make things to put in the sky!!! D:
Preferably animated, and submit as gif.

Ok that's enough rules and stuff =p

Once I recieve a few entries, I'll put it all in a Flash file! Then it will look something like this >>>…;<<< :D

This is my first emote / pixel art project, so I hope you guys will send in some entries ^^ If there's anything that's unclear, just ask :)


Q: Can the entry have a white (or colored) background?
A: NO! The background must be transparent! >:U

Q: Buy I don't know how to make emotes :tears:
A: Well it's about time you learned! Check out these tutorials!
Drawing the emote:………
Animating the emote:…

Q: When is the deadline?
A: There is no deadline! :mwahaha: (Until I say so)

Q: Can we only submit things that can be attached to the back of the train? :(
A: No :D You can submit other things too! As long as it fits the theme. But Please note me with the idea first!!!

Q: Are we only allowed to do one car?
A: No, you can do as many as you like!!! :excited:

Q: Can we edit the templates in any way?
A: Yes! Absolutely :)

Q: I kind of program do I need to animate emotes?
A: You need a program that supports frame by frame animation. GIMP is a free program that does this and you can download it from: (don't ask me how it works. I don't know D:  ... )

Q: I can't see all the carts!
A: Use the scroller on the bottom (it's the one that looks like a little train engine).

Q: Why did you leave so much space for the sky?
A: That's my way of telling you guys to make more things for the sky! :B

Q: What kind of things can we put in the sky?
A: Anything that can fly, float or magically stay in the sky for no reason.

Q: Why are you putting things that no has actually asked about in the FAQ?
A: Because I don't know where else to put it D':

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© 2008 - 2022 CookiemagiK
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It's closed? B'aww....

So..will we be able to see the entries?
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Of course ^^ They are all there in the deviation :)
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The.... What?

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The thumbnail at the top of the journal D:
Click on the train
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Oh yeah... xD
I'm such an idiot
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I made a flying um... thing! It looks a lot like Mewtwo or something!

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Aaand now I made an actual train segment. xD; [link] :3
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i will tell you when i finish
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Is this thing still going? Can I make one? ^^
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i finished!

heres the link ^^
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ill give it a try ^^
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ill otify you when i finish!
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best....thing EVER!
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There's still room for more! :w00t:
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