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From this pack:

This started off as a simply emote with only 2 frames. Then I started adding the sweat drops flying around and the eyes moving around.... and synchronising that was not easy. XD I ended up with 56 frames.

The following emotes have also been uploaded separately:

:iconscaredemoteplz: -> :iconscaredemoteplz:
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they laugh at me :'( /:D :laugh: Ebil Laugh :giggle:Knee-Slapper :giggle: :lolplz: :rofl Lol Waving the lol flag :giggle: Its A Girl :la: / :scared:

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I'm sorry, I was just stupid at that time. :P
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Everyone makes mistakes!
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Doctor: "You sister is currently in a coma."

Me: ":scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared::scared: No!! I'm scared!! Why?!?!"

Child #1: "Ha., ha! You're such a coward!! fiery evil laugh fiery evil laugh "

Me: ":scared::scared::scared:Sad LilySad LilySad LilySad Lily "

Yep, I suffer from hypochondriasis and pathophobia (irrational fear of disease). I always feel if I get sick and die.

Also, I act like a coward... a lot. My classmate bullied me because of this. I'm also very shy as well. Sad LilySad Lily 
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Me when summer is over
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Me when it's sunday evening
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This is how anyone would feel after a run-in with Jeff the Killer
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How I feel inside every day o my lfe
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jeez that sweat tho 
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