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From this pack:

I made this after running out of ideas :B Also, it's a bird.

The following emotes have also been uploaded separately:

:iconsingingbirdplz: -> :iconsingingbirdplz:
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This is one of the very few emotes I ever use to represent Stardroid Jupiter :XD: :bird: Dancing Rainbow Bird

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Looks more like : o3o:
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How does one get the emojis?
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Do I just type :bird: ?
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I see this is kinda old, so you might know by now, but I'll try to help anyway:

There are a couple different ways you could do it-- you could either use the icon of the "plz account" like in the description by typing :iconsingingbirdplz: (just don't copy and paste that unless you're gonna paste it as plain text), you could use the thumbcode listed under "details" (:thumb165669111:), or you could search "bird" in "Add Media" and it'll show up. Also, in comments, just copying and pasting the link to this deviation should do it too. 
:bird: by CookiemagiK
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Sure, no problem!
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So I just select it on a thing and put in :bird: ?? (is still nub)
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o3o o3o la emoticon 'o3o' o3o o3o o3o hanketsu1717 request/prize fishie face o3o o3o o3o 
o3o O3o .3. o3o-woo *3* :3: -3- bat3o (reupload) o3o k bye 
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