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Shout! Shout by CookiemagiK WAAAAAAAAGH!

My first emote since August 2013! D:

Making these things feels a lot harder than I remembered.... But just as fun! :D

Time spent: 6-7 hours (really out of practice .__. ) 
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This is beautiful.
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Mine's a bit more than a year ago. I'm working on pushing that down again, HARD.
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Shout by CookiemagiK YAY! More from you!
I've always enjoyed your work! Glad to see you makin stuff again~!
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Was it this? :shout:
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Thank you!!!!!!
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maybe this signals a revival of the dead emote community? 
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Quite a few of the good emoticonists have went mia. Droneguards last post was in 2011, ledmaiden and guitarcraze's last emotes were in 2013, syn hasnt posted very much it seems. its quite sad really 
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Oh that's too bad. And the number of new emoticonsists haven't been rising?

But I guess I can relate.. it's not like I'm that much into making emotes anymore either. Just too hard to find motivation so sit down and make these when they basically have no purpose outside of dA xD
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Thought you were dead. Glad to have you back. 
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Always love the emotes that you make. Also- You're not dead!!
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Makes me wonder what he/she got to see...
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Your animations are always so remarkably smooth. Nice to see one of the "masters" submitting too! :worship:
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So funny!  Love it!
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Oh my! I am so happy to see a deviation from you in my inbox again!
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AAAAAuuuugggh!  Awesome!
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