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Making pancaeks

He's back!
Putting all those exploding bots behind (at least for now), and bringing out the big guns! Give a warm welcome to Dr. Specz! :noes:

Changed some color, and speed

More Specz:
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I'd eat that pancake Asriel36 
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Incredible, I admire your work! crazy potato 
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this is good?
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newgrounds would liek dis
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There's one way 2 make pancakes!Lol
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This is so sick, awesome sick and despicable sick at the same time!!! I love it!!
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OMG!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wanna do this toso many people
First off, all your emotes are made of win and awesome. Mad props!

Second, this emote is curiously like Duke Nukem. Was that the intent? Even if not, it's awesome!
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u spelled pancakes wrong :XD:
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Pretty sure that was on purpose. o3o
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Was I the only one who though of "Making Christmas" from The Nightmare Before Christmas? Hilarious.
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:crowd-plz: :crowd-plz: :crowd-plz: :crowd-plz: :crowd-plz: <(WOOO)      :slowclap: <(wo...w...)            *MEAN WHILE*          Blade board  he gets killed c:
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I love this random dude! he reminds me of Shadow the hedgehog.

I'm a Sonic fangirl. YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH DAT? :chainsaw: :evillaugh:
Me&Sonic: :huggle: :highfive:
My Friend Kaila&Shadow: :smooch: :tighthug:
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run whaaa
like this one to
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