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Headcrab ftw

Headcrab!!! xD

Well I've just played through Half Life 2 just to remember the story, before I try out episode 1 and episode 2. And after seeing so many cool headcrab art here on DA I just had to make my own :D

They're so funny to look at in the game :p


-Made some changes to the outline when headcrab hits the wall.
-Made the headcrab pwn an emote :p

Thanks to :iconkeiton: and :icondroneguard: for these suggestions!!! :)
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Lamarr is my favorite. I love it when she jumps out of the garage Kliener's got the HEV suit in and leaps into the doorway. XD
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what a cute Headcrab
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Awww all he wanted was a hug :D
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Headcrabs are so sweet
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Haha, so cute :D
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XDDDDDDD! Im still scared of spiders tho xD o-o" >> << o-o" -^="
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will this become a plz account?
this is awesome
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:D YES .......yay!!!
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head hump head hump XD
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I could totally pull an Ellis saying right now XD
(for those who dont know, ellis is from Left 4 Dead 2)
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Looks like Lamarr found a new buddy.
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Watch out for the headhumpers, Gordon!
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hopefully it's not a poisonous head crab, or you're screwed xD

I dont murder people.
I kill them without reason
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Me loves. Looks like the headcrab is raping him, xD Just like the ReDead from LoZ OoT.
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headcrabs are so funny to watch them run!
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poor guy, hopefully, the headcrab doesn't harm him. and i hope that the person doesn't harm the headcrab. >.>
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