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Free pacman avatar

Edit: This avatar is now free to be used by anyone ^^
Credit is not necessary but is appreciated :)

Sorry for spamming your inbox with this again ^^;

The emote is holding a fishing pole with a power pellet as bait
I hope you like it ^^
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hey CookiemagiK this avatar has been stolen from a game/app called sandbox the game/app steals peoples pixel art and avatars from sights!
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It actually gave credit. When you complete the pixel art, at says who it’s by, and it linked me here.
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ive never seen that I been using sandbox for a year now and I never seen that hmm
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It is a very new feature..maybe that would explain it? ;w; I didn't see it until a couple days ago..
EeveeMasterFORLIFE's avatar
I played it today ever seen it...
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I love all the emoticons you make! They are all so cute!
Nice job! :D
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I love it! I would like to credit you on my page, but I don't know how to mention people :/

I will credit you as soon as I find out how to.

Edit: I found out how to mention people :)
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That is on sandbox! congrats! I did it :3

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I'm a bit new, how do you have it as an icon? 

Thanks in advance ^^'
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Download it on your computer, go to your profile and select this. Then it's your profile picture
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I'm not exactly sure, but I think you could drag the gif to your desktop, then when you change your icon you could click 'upload image' and select it from your desktop?
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i also have this question
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Very efficient way to travel. 
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how do you make a GIF
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do you have to have that drawing thingy? cause my mom wont let me use it. is there another way?
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Another way to make an animation? No, not that I'm aware of.
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