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Emote tutorial: Walking

By CookiemagiK
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To be able to get any use from this tutorial, you must know how to draw emotes.
Here are some great tutorials for that:

The file is quite large (5MB) , so it might take a while to load or lag like there's no tomorrow. Just be patient :aww:

I'm not sure how useful this actually is =p I'm hoping that this will be helpful to those of you who want to start animating your emotes ^^;
This is my first tutorial, so any kind of feedback would be much appreciated ^^ Also, if you make any animations using this tutorial, I would very much like to see them :>

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I actually learned on how to make them by myself without tutorials, I just look at an emote and boom! a new emote made by me. but this is a good tutorial.
Shadow-Gardens's avatar
Just a hint: Waving is A LOT more simpler than walking, at least to me. Because Waving only costs 3 frames. (Unless you add blinking I guess.)
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:iconla-plz: Lovely tutorial! Thanks for sharing.
superhorse1999's avatar
this tutorial is funny, beautiful and useful! [link]
yayayayayala's avatar
1Fenrir1's avatar
Me *not reading tutorial, looking at the emotes
SuperScribbles's avatar
I'm guessing this dosen't work on ms paint?
Shadow-Gardens's avatar
It can, you just need to add frames as seperate pictures, and animate them in
shadowpxe's avatar
OwO this is awesome and easy... thanks
twopartsinone's avatar
*Warning: Lots of Lag*
heartcarvedofsilver's avatar
I love this! It's so whimsical, what with all the little emotes wreaking havoc across the page. Also, it's simple to follow, This tut is fabulous!
Puppiesanddogsrule's avatar
I love the little emoticons on your tutorial! :love::aww:
Zedna7's avatar
Used your tutorial to:[link] it was very helpful, thanks so much for sharing :hug:
Also, this tutorial was so fun to read ;] Love the fresh language here :dance:
KaiRayne's avatar
I used your tutorial to make this: [link]

It's not that great but it's my first. :) Thank you for making this!!
rand42's avatar
sweet tutorial.
Unlimited--power's avatar
thank you so much :hug:
with your help I made my version [link] :D
I-am-a-mindles-drone's avatar
ahhh! yellow emote is eating your border! shoo!
DesertdustSariah's avatar
great and funny tutorial ^^ i like it
PinkoPrint's avatar
:bulletblue: thanks for the turtorial. Lol I love that little emote that goes moar! moar! moar!
Do you know of any turtorials that teach you how to put text in an emoticon or do u just use the type tool.
(beginner emoticonist)
pixiepot's avatar
Just use the text tool. :hug:
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